Home Politics RG Should Say Thank You To The 23 Letter-Writers

RG Should Say Thank You To The 23 Letter-Writers

RG Should Say Thank You To The 23 Letter-Writers

RG Should Say Thank You To The 23 Letter-Writers

There are at any rate 23 fearless men in the Congress. Sufficiently daring to state what ought to have been said sometime in the past, soon after the overall political race a year ago when Rahul Gandhi surrendered as gathering President. In any case, it’s rarely past the point of no return. This gathering has said what each Congress individual or any individual who had not decided in favor of the BJP has been stating since 2019: that majority rule government is sheltered in the nation just if there is a solid resistance; that vote based system can be lively in the nation if the standard resistance, for example, the Congress is eager to assume its job. Yet, the issue is that Congress has relinquished its duty. For as long as eighteen months, it has looked terrified. Terrified to put the decision party on the tangle on any issue. It appeared to simply give in without a challenge and lost the space that could have given the launchpad to its revival.

The main man in the Congress who in this period appeared to have given some fortitude in attacking the issue in earnest was Rahul Gandhi, in spite of every one of his shortcomings. He routinely took on the legislature, drawing in on issues of public significance. Yet, for some obscure explanation, he generally appeared to be distant from everyone else. As time passes, he looked increasingly reserved. It is this reserved quality which has cost the gathering specifically and Indian majority rule government by and large. Apparently the Congress has lost the will to battle, the eagerness to recover its previous brilliance.

A letter was composed sometime in the past. Congress’s authority was not ready to talk about the issues brought up in the letter. The man who released the letter to the media has done incredible support of the Congress. When the issue came into the open area, the Nehru-Gandhi Family was left with no alternative except to examine the entire issue, for all intents and purposes in broad daylight. It’s a long letter however the essence of the issue is that the gathering should end the issue of the initiative for the last time. Since Rahul surrendered suffocating in self-indulgence, the gathering has been rudderless, aimless. It is a direct result of this vulnerability that it lost two governments – one in Karnataka and the other in Madhya Pradesh. It some way or another figured out how to spare its administration in Rajasthan. Clearly the Congress had no plan, no program, no structure, and no readiness. Today, on account of the letter authors, the issue is back in the center. The Congress initiative needs to now choose and end the vulnerability.

The day-long Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting on Monday, finished with the determination that Sonia Gandhi would proceed as the interval President till an answer is found or an understanding is reached concerning who will lead the gathering. This could take some time however ideally not an unfathomable length of time.

In numerous quarters, the letter essayists are being named as agitators and their endeavors as a sort of revolt. Nor is reasonable. They have been Nehru-Gandhi followers who could, best case scenario is called Darbaris. Their plan isn’t to design a rebellion however to push their pioneers, wake them from the profound sleep they appear to be in – and in that, they appear to have succeeded. In this unique circumstance, the main gathering can’t be excused as a disappointment however the facts demonstrate that it didn’t arrive at any resolution and didn’t choose anything at long last. In any case, Rahul Gandhi calling up Kapil Sibal to clear the misconception about the letter being composed at the command of the BJP is a decent sign. It plainly says that the letter-composing was not taken in an inappropriate soul. What’s more, Ambika Soni requesting disciplinary activity against the scholars must be perused as a couple of darbaris having still not understood the accuracy existing apart from everything else.

Congress right now is facing the most troublesome circumstance in its history. It has no Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, or Indira Gandhi to safeguard them from this emergency. Sonia Gandhi has assumed her job ever. She restored the Congress for quite a while and spared it from elimination. In 1998, when she turned into the Congress president, the gathering was quickly shrinking ceaselessly. She drove from the front, captured its further decay, and helped the Congress to shape the administration in 2004. In the wake of assuming her job, it is the ideal opportunity for her to now leave the battleground to Rahul.

As I would like to think, Sonia Gandhi is the greatest obstruction in the way of Rahul Gandhi. She should disregard him. When alone, he will either swim or sink. Be that as it may, on the off chance that she keeps on enjoying rearward sitting arrangement driving, at that point Rahul Gandhi and the Congress will sink without a doubt. Rahul Gandhi additionally should understand that he needs to end his self-centeredness mode. He should quit saying that he isn’t being upheld by the senior heads of the gathering, that he is battling alone, as he said when he surrendered in 2019. Solid pioneers don’t discover pardons, they make circumstances, they make a group of individuals who are similarly inspired to vanquish the adversary. Also, in the event that he needs to lead, at that point, he should be heartless. He should complete three things:

A. Solidification of initiative

B. Philosophical restoration

C. Authoritative cleansing

The top-most position must be held by one individual. At this moment, there are three – Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. There ought to be one individual at the top and the other two need to either leave or need to acknowledge the initiative of the individual in charge. There can’t be three focuses of intensity in Congress. Except if this is sifted through, the emergency in the Congress won’t end. As I would like to think, Sonia Gandhi ought to nimbly resign, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra should settle in Lucknow and Rahul Gandhi should run the gathering.

Congress is facing a gathering which is capably driven by an alluring pioneer dressed in a belief system that underlines what it needs to accomplish in the future. Rahul needs to re-concoct the Congress philosophy opposite Hindutva. He should give a wide philosophical structure for the fate of India. He should rethink numerous old ideas, surrender a couple of obsolete ones, and imagine others to coordinate the engaging quality of Hindutva.

At last, he should begin a cycle of cleansing in his own gathering. Like Modi, he needs to bid farewell to the more seasoned pioneers. He needs to dispose of the individuals who won’t change. The old outlook won’t work. Present India is altogether different. This India is characterized by Modi. He has changed the principles of the game. Except if Rahul Gandhi is eager to transform them further, he will have no future. To take on and win this conflict, he needs political hired fighters, not easy chair government officials. He needn’t bother with his mom’s men, he needs to locate his own group. The sooner he disposes of the privileged few, the better.


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