Zack Greinke strikes out Yolmer Sanchez with rarely seen pitch

Zack Greinke strikes out Yolmer Sanchez with rarely seen pitch

Zack Greinke threw an eephus pitch to record his 12th strikeout in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ 5-1 trouncing of the Chicago White Sox Monday night.

Or, y’know, a fairly bog standard 12-6 curveball crossed deliciously with a change-up. But hey, semantics.

Greinke got his 12 Ks in eight and two-thirds innings, which is a bit like going to class and getting a 99 on a test. That last out denied him his second complete game of the year, but he ran his record to 6-2 and lowered his ERA to 2.82. had a sweet little quick-hit compilation of the 12 strikeouts:

Once again, though, Greinke didn’t get nearly enough verticality on that pitch for it to be a true eephus. You need to lob the ball up like you’re throwing an alley-oop in basketball to make it something more than a diving curveball. Think change-up. Waaaay up.

Dave LaRoche, in this gem from 1981, got Gorman Thomas to whiff on a true eephus:

Clayton Kershaw gave it a shot, even though he didn’t fool Tyler Flowers:

Rich Hill’s eephus didn’t get the downward motion at the finish you look for, but at least it was way outside and couldn’t be hit:

Orlando Hernandez learned that trying to throw the eephus twice in a row is a spectacularly stupid idea, especially when Alex Rodriguez is the hitter:

Torii Hunter didn’t quite get all the way around on his effort and popped out on Alfredo Simon’s eephus:

But yeah, Greinke’s pitch wasn’t a true eephus. It was a 12-6 curveball that was more Bugs Bunny than Rip Sewell.

It was a great pitch, though; it got Yolmer Sanchez to strike out.

The 27-19 Diamondbacks currently sit atop the National League wild card standings; the White Sox are at 20-23 despite a plus-18 run differential and still wait for the stats and the games to start breaking their way before it’s too late.

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