Young Gorilla Throws Dirt at Dad… Silverback Teaches Him Lesson in Respect

Young Gorilla Throws Dirt at Dad Silverback Teaches Him Lesson in Respect

A young gorilla who thought it would be a good idea to throw dirt in his father’s face quickly found out that such behavior would not be tolerated.

Movies like “Planet of the Apes” have made hundreds of millions of dollars marketing the idea that gorillas have emotions that really aren’t much different from humans.

Further proving that point, a video originally posted to YouTube in 2011 shows how an alpha silverback reprimanded a younger gorilla after he threw a tantrum in front of a group of people.

The video begins with two younger gorillas at the San Diego Zoo who are standing by a see-through window with dozens of zoogoers observing. As the two younger gorillas begin to walk back toward the alpha gorilla, one of the younger animals throws a pile of dirt at the alpha gorilla’s face.

“Oh!” several people can be heard saying on the video.

The silverback gorilla immediately turns around and gets in the younger ape’s face.

Young Gorilla Throws Dirt at Dad… Silverback Teaches Him Lesson in Respect

The father gorilla is teaching the younger gorilla that tantrums are not acceptable and that such behavior will not be tolerated. He doesn’t take any physical action, but the intimidation is unmistakeable.

After the brief “discussion,” the two younger gorillas go back toward the see-through window and began playing with one another.

The crowd watching — and those who see the video — couldn’t help but appreciate the gorilla’s parenting skills.

Thank goodness the zoos in the U.S., while not perfect, still provide the curious with the opportunity to experience great moments like this one.

Everyone who’s raised chidlren knows it’s the world’s toughest job, that has to be done with love and respect. Gently but very firmly, this silverback gorilla made sure this young gorilla knew who was truly boss, which is something every parent has had to do once or twice.

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