Woman Scammed After Finding Wallet Stuffed With Cash

Woman Scammed After Finding Wallet Stuffed With Cash

A Wisconsin woman found herself in a horrible mess after she and two others found a wallet full of cash in a parking lot.

The woman, who asked not to identified, told WITI she was walking across a parking lot in Bluemound Road in Brookfield when another woman called out to her asking if she had dropped something.

That something happened to be a wallet — full of cash.

The woman said the wallet did not belong to her, and the two women called to another woman to take a look. The three of them hatched a plan to keep the money and split it three ways.

That turned out to be a bad idea.

The woman told WITI that one of the other women said she worked at First Weber Realty, which had a machine that counted money. The woman who worked at the realty company said that her boss would help the three draft paperwork that would allow the women to keep the money legally.

Seriously? Thieves conniving to take money that doesn’t belong to them don’t generally worry about the legalities of doing so.

Nevertheless, the women went to the reality company, parked in the back and waited while one woman supposedly went inside and had the cash counted. It came to a total of $150,000, which was apparently kept at the realty company.

The woman who claimed to work at the realty company then told the others that in order to get their share of money, all of them needed to prove they were financially responsible.

Total strangers, conniving to steal $150,000 don’t necessarily worry about proving financially responsibility, but for some reason, that was part of this “deal.”

So the three of them drove to Educator’s Credit Union where the woman who spoke to WITI said she withdrew $2,000.

“I walked to the bank and withdrew the money,” the woman said.

Back at the realty company, each woman was to go in individually to get their share of the money. The wallet’s original finder and the second woman went in first.

“That’s when it hit me that something was wrong,” the woman who spoke to WITI said..

Inside the realty company, no one knew what the woman was talking about. While she was inside, the other two women disappeared, along with her $2,000.

“I was completely, completely fooled,” the woman said.

Brookfield police said they were investigating the incident. A spokesman from First Weber Realty said no one matched the description of the woman who claimed to work there.

Always remember if something appears too good to be true, then it probably is.

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