Woman Refuses to Remove Niqab, Gets Welfare Cut

Woman Refuses to Remove Niqab Gets Welfare Cut

Last week, a court in the Netherlands ruled to allow a local municipality to cut the welfare benefits of a Muslim woman who had refused to remove the face-covering known as a niqab during job training.

“The Central Appeals ruled that the Utrecht municipality could reduce social security benefits because the person concerned had refused repeatedly during a job training to take off her niqab,” read a translation of a blurb posted to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands‘ website on May 9, according to Breitbart.

“The chance that they will find work quickly, is very small as they continue to wear a niqab,” the blurb continued. “This causes undue pressure being placed on the public purse.”

According to the English-language website DutchNews.nl, the unnamed woman has since relocated to the United Kingdom, because God forbid that she make even the slightest effort to assimilate into the dominant culture. It remains unclear whether she will be able to obtain welfare benefits in her new home.

This spoiled woman is just another example of what happens when a nation caters to the interests of self-interested foreigners who don’t care for assimilating into mainstream culture or being a productive citizen.

It’s unlikely, though, that she’ll find conditions more to her liking in the U.K., where a stunning 57 percent majority of the population favor a ban on Islamic veils, according to YouGov research cited last year by the the U.K. Independent.

According to the poll, “18-24 year olds were the only age group to oppose a ban; all others were in favor, with the oldest 65+ group backing the prohibition by a startling 78 per cent to 12,” the newspaper reported in August. “All major political parties also had a plurality of voters in favour of a ban.”

Plus, just last year, the British people voted to leave the European Union in part over their opposition to the union’s demands that the U.K. keep importing more and more Muslim refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

And last month the U.K. Independence Party reportedly launched a new “integration agenda” that included promises to ban Islamic veils.

Good luck in your new home, lady. You’re going to need lots of it to avoid being deported and sent packing to your real home somewhere in the Middle East.

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Source: conservativetribune.com