Woman Asks Cher Would House Illegal Immigrants In Her Home, Cher’s Answer Is…

Woman Asks Cher Would House Illegal Immigrants In Her Home Chers Answer Is

As President Trump announced the Obama-era DACA program repeal, the left side of America stood in disagreement. Trump gave Congress to think of a more suitable solution and replacement of the program that until now provides working visas for illegal immigrants who came to America as children. The number of these ‘Dreamers’ is currently 800,000 illegals, none of which has valid paperwork.

Obama, alongside many other Congress Democrats, were not on board with this decision. Aside from them, celebrities, such as Cher, took the news severely. As a result, Cher is now appealing to all Hollywood celebrities to open up the doors to their homes for illegals who might be left with nothing:

Normally, many suspected there’s a background to all this, so when Brenda Webb, a single mom, called Cher out on her appeal, the singer called her a “b***h,” warning her to keep her “eyes open”:

Liberals were thrilled by Cher’s decision, praising her on social media:

Take a look at the description of Cher’s spacious mansion, as per Architectural Digest:

16,000-square-foot reality: three stories of bush-hammered travertine, hand-carved marble, stamped-copper ceilings, rugs from Egypt, fireplaces from Mexico, Gothic Revival chandeliers measuring six feet by four feet, a balustrade from San Simeon and even a tapestry that once hung in the court of Mary, Queen of Scots.

As the single mom said above, we’ll believe it when we see it!

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Source: conservativemedia.com