Wild Horse Found Chained and in Misery. But Watch How Horse Thanks It’s Rescuer

Wild Horse Found Chained and in Misery But Watch How Horse Thanks Its Rescuer

Horses were born to run free, graze green pastures, and enjoy the wild unrestrained. These majestic animals are Earth’s most gracious creatures; it’s sad when they’re treated inhumanely.

In the countryside of Romania, it’s a common practice to bind the legs of a wild horse to prevent it from running away. With legs attached together, the animal is forced to hop around.

This technique causes excruciating pain for the animal. In 2016, a wild horse in Letea was found in this exact same predicament.

A YouTube video by FOUR PAWS International briefly detailed the time volunteer Ovidiu Rosu discovered the chained horse moving around in misery. Apparently, the animal had managed to escape from its owners with limited mobility.

Rosu decided to help the animal by releasing it from its shackles, which left lacerations in its flesh. The horse was sedated for the quick removal.

After some time, the horse regained consciousness. Once it was made aware of its freedom, the horse went to thank its rescuer.

As the horse gave Rosu eye contact, it leaned to give a nudge on his face. In that brief moment, the new acquaintances spoke the same language: love.

There’s no doubt that the wild animal was sincerely grateful for Rosu’s kind act. Now, it was able to run again along with the rest of its friends.

A Facebook post by the rescue group caught the attention of more than 226,000 viewers at the time. Many commenters were heartbroken by the story.

“I feel so sad for these beautiful animals,” a person wrote. “I only hope someone can educate them on far better solutions.”

Like Alice Walker once said, “Horses make a landscape look beautiful.” And, their free spirits are certainly made for the Earth’s grassland. So, let them roam free!

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