During Widespread Day of Anthem Protests, Kid Rock Show Respect to Military in Most Patriotic Way

During Widespread Day of Anthem Protests Kid Rock Show Respect to Military in Most Patriotic Way

The very same day the NFL performed a hateful outbreak and kneeled in a boycott to the national anthem, triggering President Trump to condemn the behavior severely, rockstar-turned-politician Kid Rock praised the military by posting a crucial message.

Many have been suspicious of Rock’s actual political career, unsure of whether he will be able to score a place in Senate. However, he affected a solid base of supporters, and his latest pro-police move was a true showmanship if we’ve ever seen one. No doubt Rock will set himself up for success if he carries on this narrative.

As the weekend closed, millions witnessed the NFL’s rebellion against the national anthem, after two sets of players dropped the knee in a deliberate attempt to overthrow Trump and the country at the same time. Some kept their dignity and morals high, locking arms and standing tall as the anthem was playing, which indicates not everything is lost to the liberals.

As far as Colin Kaepernick, the master of puppets who initiated the trend, is concerned, Kid Rock served him with a piece of mind, exclaiming, “F**k ANYONE who sits or takes a knee during our national anthem!”

It is safe to say, Kaepernick was deserving of everything Rock said. It is also safe to say the criticism may not be a learning lesson for the lefties.

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