Why We’re VERY Defensive Of Our Own Property

Why Were VERY Defensive Of Our Own Property

V. Saxena reports Venezuela’s anti-government protests have entered their third month, and according to Dr. Henrique Montbrun, the “madness” appears to only be growing, not lessening.

“It’s madness,” he told The Guardian in an interview over the weekend. “We have gone from an average of 30 wounded people to more than 65 in the last two weeks. We live in a continuous state of emergency.”

One that will doubtlessly grow more severe as the cornucopia of crises — there’s no money, no food, no nothing in Venezuela — continues to spiral out of control.

Also worsening is the violence, according to Dr. Montbrun, who noted that whereas the wounds his staff treated used to just be superficial, as of late they’ve included 5-inch deep holes “caused by metal marbles shot at close range,” according to The Guardian.

“Violence doesn’t surprise me but the level of hatred security forces are showing towards average citizens and the use of non-conventional weapons like loading tear gas canisters with nails and marbles does take me aback,” he added.

But why are the Venezuelan people so angry at their government?

After deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez protege, Nicolás Maduro, took office in 2013, he doubled down on his predecessor’s socialist policies, leading the nation’s people to vote the opposition into the legislature.

According to Reason Magazine, this is when the recent hash of troubles began:

The ruling party, which under Chavez had consolidated more and more state power under itself, has tried to make it as difficult as possible for the opposition to undo the damage created by Chavismo, finally shutting down the legislative branch altogether last month. The transformation from socialism to dictatorship should never be surprising.

Chavez transformed Venezuela into a socialist hellhole, and Maduro subsequently turned it into a dictatorship where “the only people with money are now those in the government,” as noted by Zero Hedge.

The only choice remaining for the nation’s destitute citizens is to fight like hell.

“I am not afraid,” said Rosmery Indare, a 19-year-old protester whose legs and knees were clubbed by government forces. “I haven’t had a chance to enjoy my country because they stole it from us but this time, I am sure we will recover [it].”

I certainly hope so, though to be frank, my concern lies more-so with millennial Americans than with young Venezuelans like Rosmery Indare. She knows firsthand that socialism ultimately leads to destruction, but many of our kids here in the United States do not.

And to make matters worse, many of their — noted professor, pundits, political leaders, etc. — are just as ignorant about the true effects of socialism.

The ignorance of youth is at least understandable, since wisdom typically comes with age. What’s incomprehensible is the ignorance of 30+ year-old “adults” who think it right to brainwash our children with dreams of socialist utopias.

Question: Does Venezuela look like a Utopian paradise to you?

I think not …

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org