Welfare Leech Brags About Taking Government Assistance

Welfare Leech Brags About Taking Government Assistance

A viral clip uploaded to the internet depicting a Brooklyn mother and welfare leech bragging about raping taxpayers of their hard-earned money is a must-see video for any naive liberal who believes unchecked welfare somehow benefits the country.

“F*** the government,” the woman, who identified herself as a mother of three, proudly hollered at the camera. “F*** Trump. I’m gonna rape that s*** sitting on my ass.”

She continued by bragging about how she lives the high life courtesy the government, all while everyone else works eight or more hours per day to eke out a living.

“What you gonna say?” she said. “Welfare b****? Food stamp b****? Well, (this) welfare b****, food stamp b**** still got more than you, b****, and you working 9 to 5, b****!”

The video may be seen in its entirety here, though be warned that it contains a litany of profanity.

The average liberal would likely shrug his shoulders at the video and falsely claim that the potty-mouth welfare leech pictured in it represents an anomaly in the welfare system. He would be wrong — very, very wrong.

Despite fraudulent assertions by the leftist media, which continues to claim welfare fraud is rare, the abuse of social services costs American taxpayers billions annually.

In Massachusetts alone, an estimated $13.7 million in welfare benefits were obtained fraudulently in 2015, according to an investigation by the state’s Bureau of Special Investigations.

“BSI examiners completed 10,784 investigations in FY15, with fraud identified in 1,131 of those cases, a 37 percent increase in fraud identification from FY14,” state auditor Suzanne M. Bump announced in a statementlast year. “These cases included individuals or groups defrauding the state of public assistance benefits like: food stamps (SNAP), childcare services, health care benefits, and cash assistance.”

Four years prior to the release of this report, it became known via 2010 data collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that for every $100 of a total of $130 million in welfare benefits doled out in Maryland and Virginia, $6.11 and $5.04, respectively, were given “to those not eligible” (aka fraudsters), as reported at the time by The Daily Signal.

If one were to add all the fraud that hasn’t been caught, the total money wasted would be in the billions. And the reason for all this waste would be two-fold: First, because of people like the woman pictured in the video above, and second, because of naive liberals who still think every welfare user is a deserving recipient.

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