Watch: White Skateboarder Protects Black Kid, Kid’s Mom Makes Horrifying Move

White Skateboarder Protects Black Kid Kids Mom Makes Horrifying Move

It is a sad fact of life that our current state of society has become so incredibly tense regarding the matter of race that even the slightest action can be mistakenly perceived as “racism” and lead to a fight over nothing.

Take for example a recent incident that reportedly occurred at a park in San Antonio, Texas, according to LiveLeak, in which a white skateboarder asked some young black children to move off of the skateboard ramps so they wouldn’t get hurt, which drew the wrath of the children’s mother.

The mother immediately approached the white skateboarder and his friends in an angry fashion and demanded to know why he had told the children to move.

“Are you being racist?” she asked.

The man attempted to explain his intention to protect the children from being hurt, but she would have none of it, instead repeatedly screaming, “I don’t give a f***!” while continuing to assert that the skateboarder was racist.

The expletive-laced confrontation continued for several minutes.

You can watch the incident right here. (WARNING: Video contains graphic language that will disturb some viewers):

There was no reason for the mother to get so worked up, and had she actually listened as the skateboarder explained why he had asked the children to move off of the ramps, she may have even thanked him for thinking of their safety.

Unfortunately, this incident is indicative of how far our nation has fallen over the past several years in terms of race relations, where racism is automatically assumed by some as a motivator of people’s and explanations to the contrary are ignored or shouted down.

It would be nice if people could go back to having civil discussions regarding disputes or misunderstandings, but there are those on the left who have worked to keep people at each other’s throats, as that plays into their narrative of a sharply divided nation on the verge of imploding into race-based violence.

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