Watch: Venezuelan Socialist Shouted Out of a Bakery Full of His Victims

Venezuelan Socialist Shouted Out of a Bakery Full of His Victims

The moment former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez’s banking minister Eugenio Vásquez Orellana took a seat at a bakery in Miami on Sunday, all hell broke loose, and for good reason — this slimy thief had played a pivotal role in helping Chávez rob the nation of all its wealth.

The dozens of Venezuelan exiles dining at the establishment that morning immediately burst into jeers, taunting Orellana to “get out” in Spanish, according to a translation from the oldest Spanish newspaper in Miami, Diario Las Américas.

Seemingly frustrated by all the heckling, the flustered socialist thief finally left, eliciting loud applause from the crowd.


Orellana qualifies as the very definition of a “bad hombre.” According to Breitbart, “Venezuelans have accused Orellana of serving as an accomplice to the abuses of power committed by government officials under Hugo Chavez’s regime for 18 years.”

These abuses of powers included the transferring of wealth from the nation’s denizens right into the hands of the Chavez family, all “while preaching the merits of the great socialist revolution,” as noted in a report published by the The U.K. Daily Telegraph four years ago.

Even as their constituents struggled just to eat another meal, the Chavez family enjoyed a life of luxury by living in fancy mansions and trading in U.S. dollars, which by 2017 were worth 1000 percent more than the Venezuelan bolivar.

“My daughter goes to school with the Chavez kids,” remarked then-state legislator Wilmer Azuaje. “She told me that the school dining hall has waiting staff to serve and clean up after the kids.”

And according to the Venezuelan people — as well as those Venezuelans fortunate enough to make it to Florida — Orellana was partly to blame for such flagrant abuses of power.

Of course, such a dichotomy between the lives of everyday citizens and the lives of a nation’s leaders is typical in all socialist governments, according to The Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro.

“The Castros are worth at least a billion dollars,” he wrote in a column last month. “Stalin lived the high life while his people starved in the Soviet Union. Hugo Chavez’s second-oldest daughter is worth in excess of $4 billion; Chavez’s family owns 17 estates in the country. Current socialist leader Nicolas Maduro is also in the money.”

Take a good look, liberals, because this is exactly what you advocate for every time you push socialism on the American people. Unless you genuinely believe stealing is a virtue, I suggest you rethink your position.

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