WATCH: Trump Unleashes a Video of Traitor McCain Talking About Repealing & Replacing Obama Care

Trump Unleashes a Video of Traitor McCain Talking About Repealing Replacing Obama Care

For Senator John  McCain, the highs and lows in Senate have been oscillating quite a lot. Still, it is worth mentioning that his lows have outnumbered everything positive about his three-decade-long career.

The entire matter has come to the point where everyone is asking if McCain truly belongs to the conservative side of things. Speaking of anti-conservatism, McCain sunk the ship after voting against the Obamacare repeal, a project presented by the party and President Trump himself.

McCain probably believed he would somehow be able to get away with murder and still be a respected member of the party. However. President Trump made it very clear that McCain’s doings were a clear stab in the back, especially when it came to the skinny Obamacare repeal. This wouldn’t have stung so bad if McCain himself didn’t vow to revoke Obama’s program times and times again before making a final and quite extreme counter-decision.

Consequently, President Trump posted a video Monday, in which we can clearly witness McCain talking about repealing the Obamacare:

It would all be forgotten had McCain stated this on one occasion, but as you can see for yourselves, you are what you repeatedly do. I guess that makes McCain a liar. through a tough time right now with his cancer diagnosis. Yes, I know, he has done some good things for the GOP. He has served his country in both the military and the Senate.

McCain may be facing health obstacles himself, after being diagnosed with brain cancer and undergoing surgery. However, his statements were made way earlier, which obviously leaves no room for compassion or mercy. McCain may also have served the country both in the military and Senate, but I reapeat…this was years ago, and McCain was not the man we know now.

Now the odds for repealing the Obamacare have been flushed down the drain, that’s a given, and John became the leading culprit for our citizens’ suffering.

McCain needed to really think this through before acting upon it. McCain, who is 81 years old, and is probably running his final term in Senate, will be remembered as the man who took decent health care from Americans, despite every other positive thing he had done. This basically means he wronged the citizens of this country so much, that nothing else he did matters anymore.

If there is one person who will certainly not forget his treason, it is President Trump. Ultimately, for McCain, a tap on the shoulder by the liberals was all he needed. Pathetic and sad.

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