Watch: Tow Co. Posts Video of DWI Driver Becoming Instant Business Opportunity

Tow Co Posts Video of DWI Driver Becoming Instant Business Opportunity

There are plenty of good reasons why we have laws in this country prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Nevertheless, some people insist on getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, sometimes becoming the next customer of their local towing company in the process.

That appears to be what happened recently near Concord, North Carolina, when a vehicle spotted driving recklessly was followed and filmed for several minutes before veering off the road, going airborne and ending up wrecked in a stand of trees, according to WBTV.

The unnamed driver, who reportedly “didn’t even know how he got to the scene,” was taken to a hospital and was said to be recovering from unspecified injuries while also facing at least a charge of DWI, potentially other charges as well, for driving while impaired by “illegal drugs.”

The video has been shared far and wide on social media, but was posted in the form of a public service announcement by a Facebook page operated by Oklahoma Towing & Recovery.

Caution: Some explicit language.

“Please don’t drink and drive,” the post read. “Watch this video through to the end – it’s worth it. Notice how many people were put in needless risk of death or serious injury. The video started AFTER 911 was notified, and ended before the people filming administered first aid.”

As was mentioned by the social media post, the driver who filmed the incident had previously notified the police of the erratic driver before using his phone to begin filming.

The driver can be seen driving on the wrong side of the road, at times even passing oncoming traffic in the grass to their right, narrowly avoiding a collision a couple of times.

At other points the vehicle bounced off of guardrails like a pinball and continued to weave back-and-forth across the road.

Thankfully no innocent people were injured or killed by this impaired driver, who hopefully will lose their license and be held accountable for the risk they posed to the general public.

It’s real simple folks. Don’t drink and drive.

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