Watch: Taliban Shoot at US Military, “They Don’t Know What’s About to Hit Them”

Taliban Shoot at US Military They Dont Know Whats About to Hit Them

After Taliban terrorists used sniper rifles to shoot at a group of U.S. soldiers from the mountains in Afghanistan, the situation doesn’t end well for the terrorists when our military gives them a quick lesson on American power.

The video, which was uploaded in April 2015 to the Battle YouTube Channel, begins with U.S. soldiers at “The Hornet’s Nest.”

Army Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Fields tells his superior that he notices “a little bit of movement in the little tertiary valley.” Someone can be heard shortly after, while looking through binoculars, says he has spotted three terrorists hiding in the valley.

As the camera is focused on three soldiers talking behind a truck, a “buzzing” noise can be heard as a sniper bullet just misses the soldiers.

“That shot right through us, sir, right here,” one soldier said.

After another soldier described the bullet used from the sniper rifle as being “very deadly,” that’s when the soldiers get ready to return their own fire.

“Let’s get it on!” Fields screams. “Come on, gunner, you gotta be quicker than that. Get that b**** hot!”

Because the Taliban snipers were hidden in the valley, these soldiers decided to call in the big guns.

After a radio translator tells the American soldiers that the Taliban are reporting they aren’t injured, Lt. Col. Joel Vowell had a quick analysis of the sitution for the terrorists.

“It’s not going to be OK,” he said. “They don’t know what’s about to hit them.”

A jet flies into the scene and launches a missile strike on the terrorists, with a big explosion coming just after the terrorists got a dose of American power.

“That’ll teach them to shoot at my soldiers,” Vowell said.

The jet circles back a few times after receiving coordinates from the soldiers on the ground. The soldiers confirm in the video they had “good bombs,” meaning the targets were successfully destroyed.

“False bravado was all that was. They see us, they’ve been watching us for a while, they move into position and don’t think we can harm them,” Vowell said. “They just haven’t fought us yet.”

The terrorists thought they were out of range, but our military reminded them we are capable of hitting our targets from anywhere — air, land, or sea.

The United States has the most powerful military in the world, and terrorists continue to learn that every single day.

Whether it’s cruise missiles, kinetic super weapons, or some of the strongest and bravest men and women in the world ready to defend this great nation at all costs, the United States is not a country enemies should seek to provoke.

These terrorist just learned that lesson the hard way.

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