Watch: Spike Lee Defends Anthem Protests, Suddenly Gold Star Dad Grabs the Mic

Spike Lee Defends Anthem Protests Suddenly Gold Star Dad Grabs the Mic

Spike Lee might personify the current national anthem protests perfectly: He’s a millionaire entertainer who acts like he’s the center of the universe and sees every single thing through the lens of race.

Unsurprisingly, the far-left film director recently defended NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem… but the parents of a soldier killed in Afghanistan quickly put him in his place.

“How do you support these multi-millionaires on their knees, and don’t support what the fallen heroes died for?” the father of Staff Sgt. Louis Bonacasa asked Spike Lee during a CNN debate Wednesday night.

The Bernie Sanders-supporting Lee dismissed the question, and bizarrely claimed that refusing to stand for the American flag didn’t insult troops who have died defending it.

“All these players have said, many many times, that they respect the armed forces,” Lee said. “They respect the flag. And they respect America. And this narrative that when they take a knee, it’s insulting your son who is no longer here, is not true.”

That response was, in fact, a lie. Colin Kaepernick — the player who started the current movement — has repeatedly said that he doesn’t respect the flag and doesn’t respect America.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” the now unemployed quarterback declared last year.

In other words, literally the opposite of what Spike Lee claimed while looking a gold star family in the eyes.

Luckily, the family of the slain American soldier pushed back against the arrogant Hollywood director.

“When North Korea aims a nuclear missile at us, are these ‘heroes’ that you say, NFL players who can’t support our flag, are they gonna be on their knees when this happens, or are they gonna support our veterans?” Bonacasa asked.

Lee refused to actually answer that question, but repeated the hysterical and asinine narrative that President Trump was more dangerous than nuclear-armed dictator Kim Jong Un. The claim, of course, had absolutely nothing to do with the question.

“I’m worried just as much about Donald Trump as that crazy guy in North Korea. And he has a nuclear code. I’m worried about that,” Lee said.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that liberals live in a different universe than the majority of Americans.

Out-of-touch views such as continuing to insult veterans with anthem antics, or repeating some drivel about Trump being more dangerous than a dictator who has executed hundreds of people in a human rights hell-hole show that “progressives” like Lee shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Lee is the same as the NFL players who have nothing logical to say but believe that they are great crusaders of justice. At the end of the day, their points don’t hold up, and it’s clear that a desperation for attention is the real reason for their actions.

The American people are tired of it. Lee gave up on making sense a long time ago. The NFL still has a chance at redemption, but that opportunity is quickly running out.

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