Watch: Reporter Tries Starting Race Fight at Harvey Cleanup, Learns Brutal Lesson

Reporter Tries Starting Race Fight at Harvey Cleanup Learns Brutal Lesson

When Texas reporter Miya Shay allegedly received a tip last week about white supremacists hanging around a Cambodian community affected by Hurricane Harvey, she visited the community in an attempt to investigate — but instead wound up practically trying to start a race war.

Thankfully, her antics were recorded for everyone to see by Tammy Lee, the national director of American Freedom Keepers, a conservative group dedicated to standing up “in defense of our unalienable rights” and supporting the Constitution.

Before continuing further, let me ask you a question: If you were you tasked with investigating this tip, what would you say upon arriving at the scene?

If you were a reasonable person (as well as real reporter), you might say, “I got a tip that there are white supremacists here — have you heard anything about this?”

Instead, the first words out of Shay’s mouth were this: “Are the white supremacists still here?”

Not a good way to start …

Watch what happened below, and note that it was posted on Sept. 12 at exactly 11:11 a.m.:

There were no white supremacists present. Instead, members of various conservative groups — including American Freedom Keepers, The Confederate Riders of America and the SSG Group — had shown up at the Cambodian community to help them recover from Hurricane Harvey.

Moreover, not only did they not appreciate being labeled as white supremacists, neither did the Cambodians themselves appreciate their newfound friends being labeled as ones as well.

They also disliked Shay’s continued assertion that someone had called in a tip about white supremacists.

“But they don’t live here,” one Cambodian man told her, referencing the jerks who called in the tips. “Only the people who live here know.”

He added that so long as the so-called “white supremacists” — who were in fact merely conservative patriots — helped his community, he was happy.

“They don’t harm us,” he said.

Shay later filed a legitimate report for station KTRK that, thankfully, made no mentions of white supremacists. Instead, the report contained the actual facts. Kudos to her for that, at least.

However, her report doesn’t excuse her clear-cut bias, which could also be seen in a tweet she posted after she met with the community (note the time stamp):

Really, Miss Shay? Really?

These “anti-government folks” whom you clearly view in a negative light went out of their way to help that Cambodian community. Now tell me, oh mighty one, what the heck have YOU done for them? Nothing. Nothing at all, except for try to gin up racial animosity.

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