Watch: Rep. Brat Slams CNN and Democrats on Russia Investigation

Rep Brat Slams CNN and Democrats on Russia Investigation

In a Washington environment where the liberal media are out to grab any ammunition possible to use against President Donald Trump’s administration, GOP Rep. Dave Brat used appearances on two of the most liberal television networks to fire right back.

And he leveled a truth bomb so strong, we couldn’t agree more.

The Virginia Republican spoke to CNN and MSNBC about media hype over Russian attempts to meddle in the U.S. political process. Such attempts were known to the American government before Election Day, he said.

“Obama knew that for several months and didn’t do anything about it,” he said in the MSNBC interview.

He then stated that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are so desperate to impeach Trump will latch onto any thing in order to make that happen.

“We need to calm down and follow the law,” he said, adding that there can only be impeachment proceedings if a federal law has actually been violated.

“So just let the process play out, whatever the rules are,” Brat told MSNBC host Craig Melvin. “If a statute has been violated, that’s the key. Name the statute.”

He also dropped this epic truth bomb about “collusion” saying, “And this word ‘collusion’ is all over the place. I mean everybody colludes this city! Right?”

When Melvin tried to point at the importance of the alleged Russian collusion in the campaign, saying it was different from normal wheeling and dealing in D.C., Brat was having none of it. “This whole city is a web of collusion and big money,” he stated.

He added, that Hillary Clinton received large donations from journalists and mainstream media’s open support, leading to soft reporting about the myriad scandals that surrounded her campaign.

“The Washington Post was great on Watergate, but they missed Clintongate,” he said.

Brat sounded many of the same themes in his CNN interview, with one particular line that had to really gall the “very fake news” network, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the once-respected journalists at the Washington Post.

“There’s collusion between CNN and the DCCC and the Washington Post and I don’t complain about that–it’s not illegal,” Brat said. “I think it’s unethical but it’s not illegal.”

Check it out here. The scathing “collusion” line comes about the 2: 50 mark.

All in all, he was exactly right. The Democrats are so focused on impeaching President Donald Trump that they are willing to trumpet just about any piece of “evidence” to try prove his guilt.

At this point, it’s time to step back and let the cards fall where they may. And really, everyone in the Washington political world needs to get back to their respective jobs… which is making sure the country and American citizens are protected and provided for.

And journalists — not just at CNN or The Washington Post — should think long and hard about what Brat had to say.

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