WATCH: Police Called at Book Signing After Trump’s Fan Slams Both Hillary and Huma

Police Called at Book Signing After Trumps Fan Slams Both Hillary and Huma

Apparently, America has to wait for ‘Lady’ Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin to honor everyone with their presence at the former Secretary of State’s book signing. In fact, the drop was an hour late to the event celebrating Clinton’s new tell-all book ‘What Happened.’

As a result, a Trump’s fan found a clever way to follow the event, just as chaos overwhelmed an NYC  bookstore.

Heat waves overcame the Big Apple, a fact that didn’t seem to bother Hillary, as she left all her fans unnecessarily wait for her arrival. The reason for Hillary Clinton’s delay was due to the fact that the former presidential candidate believed that meeting with Joy Behar and other members of The View was a prerogative.

Awaiting Clinton’s arrival to the stage was also Laura Loomer, the journalist who interrupted the play-pretend act in Central Park, that insinuated President Trump’s assassination.

Loomer was holding a longtime grudge and saw this moment as a fit opportunity to strike Hillary with the appropriate ‘What happened’ questions only a few dared ask so far.

Loomer didn’t waste any time getting to the point, asking Hillary “So the American people would like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails?” What happened in Benghazi?”

A series of other questions on behalf of Laura followed:

“What happened to the millions of dollars that was supposed to go to the people in Haiti?” asked Loomer. “What happened to Seth Rich? What happened to your health Hillary?

Hillary broke in a wave of cold sweat, as she replied ‘You know what? I’m so sorry you believe things that are untrue.’

Defensive much, Hillary?

It wasn’t long before Huma Abedin found herself on Loomer’s target list as well.

“Huma! It’s so great to see you,” Loomer said. “I have a question for you. When are you going to divorce your husband for texting underage girls?”

Before Abedin could provide an answer, Clinton’s security stepped in.

“We’re going to need for you to step out of here,” a man said, urging Loomer from the building.

“I need my book,” Loomer said. “I paid for my book.”

“Step out of here,” the bodyguard persisted.

Shortly after, the police came to the event to inspect.

According to Paul Joseph Watson: ‘Perhaps showing her arrogance and disdain for her own supporters, Clinton turned up an hour and a half late for the event and made them stand outside in the hot sun, including some people who were disabled.

After she finally arrived, two people who were suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration had to be taken away by ambulance. Some people had been queuing up since the early hours of the morning. One elderly woman asked Clinton’s security for water but was denied,’ he continued.

Hillary Clinton’s memoir is nothing short of an excuse-making, self-pitying sob party for her devastating loss in the 2016 elections.

It must have been painful to learn that President Trump won over Americans’ hearts and offered a better solution for the country I mean, after having Obama in the White House for eight years, can you blame the nation for having trust issues towards the left? Yeah, neither can we.

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