Watch: Pervert Thinks 15-Year-Old in Tent Will Be Easy Victim, Finds Nightmare Waiting Inside

Pervert Thinks 15-Year-Old in Tent Will Be Easy Victim Finds Nightmare Waiting Inside

An Oklahoma man suspected of seeking to sexually prey upon a 15-year-old girl got more than he bargained for when he entered a backyard and approached a tent that he thought contained his intended victim.

According to KOCO, a father in Del City, Oklahoma, discovered that his teenage daughter had been carrying on a sexually themed conversation through phone messages with an adult male, and realized that the two were planning to meet to have sex.

Though the father immediately notified the police, he and his family also took matters into their own hands and set up a sting operation in their own backyard that ended with a nightmarish result for the would-be sexual predator.

Surveillance video showed the moment the suspect entered the family’s backyard and approached a tent he believed was occupied by the 15-year-old girl. Instead, another woman was inside the tent as bait, and outside the rest of the girl’s family were waiting. The man was tackled to the ground and had his hands and feet zip-tied by the father and other family members while they waited for the police to arrive.

“The family took it upon themselves to pretend to be her and invite the suspect to the house to meet her in the backyard in a tent for the purpose of having sex,” Major Jody Suit of the Del City Police Department told the station. “Just before he enters the tent, the father and three family members … tackle him and zip tie his hands and feet and hold him until the police get there.”

According to KOCO, the girl in question was in the house the whole time, and unaware of what her family had planned.

Suit said police generally don’t recommend actions like the family’s sting operation, “But as a parent, I don’t blame him. I think it’s your right to protect your children.”

The man was arrested and faced charges of unlawful communication using technology and using a phone and social media to communicate with a minor.

According to KWTV, the suspect has been identified as 33-year-old Jeremy Dwayne Gibson. He was freed from the Oklahoma County on $15,000 bail, according to CBS.

Gibson told the police that he only intended to meet and talk with the girl, but the presence of a condom in his pocket would seemingly contradict that excuse.

More likely is that this man thought he had an easy victim to help fulfill his sexual fantasies waiting for him in a backyard tent, but little did he know that the girl’s father was on to his scheme and was lying in wait to literally catch him in the act.

Though things could have easily taken a turn for the worst and become dangerous for the family, their plan to catch a sexual threat was still pretty awesome.

Bet that suspect is regretting falling for the family’s sting operation now.

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