WATCH: Patriots Players Knelt During the National Anthem, Home Fans Have Brutal Response

WATCH Patriots Players Knelt During the National Anthem Home Fans Have Brutal Response

New England Patriots fans have many reasons to celebrate. Not only the team won five championships in two decades, they have the one and only Tom Brady, whose talent brought the team numerous joys. At the same time, the same can be said for Bill Belichick. is arguably the greatest coach of all time.

So, when they booed at their favorite team, something was bound to be wrong. And right you are- the team had just decided to boycott the national anthem, which did not sit well the fans.

The Patriots engaged in massive protests Sunday while playing their home game against the Houston Texans. This also marks the first time the Patriots engaged into a demonstration.

It is important to mention as well that none of the Texans players knelt. Moreover, they locked arms and stood proudly as a sign of patriotism.

In the history of America’s football, no team was ever booed, which sends a clear message to the Patriots. Whatever they did, they were called on by a potent boo. It was something to watch, for sure.

Also, as the boos started before the game, the Patriots knew what it was about.

Even media’s reports on the story could echo the boos, despite the distance.

Having in mind the size of the stadium Gillette, we get the impression that crowds and crowds of people were attending the game. Now, that must have been humiliating to see watch and listen to.

On Sunday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft turned his back on Trump and accepted the protests as a good practice.

Here is what the statement read:

So far, Kraft stood with Trump, but it seems the tides have turned on the President.He even said Trump was a presence in his life when his wife died in 2011.

Aside from him, Belichick and Brady were also open about their affection for Donald Trump.

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