Watch: NFL Cameras Refused to Film What Was Happening Right Behind Kneelers

NFL Cameras Refused to Film What Was Happening Right Behind Kneelers

Over the past weekend of NFL games, an increasing number of players have “taken a knee” on the field during the national anthem as a way of protesting President Donald Trump’s comments about the kneelers.

On Sunday, the New England Patriots joined in on the protests for the first time, with a large number of players kneeling during the national anthem, The Boston Herald reported.

At least 15 Patriots took a knee — though quarterback Tom Brady was not one of them — as a chorus of boos rained down upon them from the stadium.

Shouts of “stand up,” where also clearly addable from fans in the stands who had come to see a football game, not a political protest. This year, the ratings for football games has plummeted as more Americans are simply tuning out the games because of the political protests.

Here is the scene from the Patriots sidelines on Sunday.

And you can hear the boos below:

The NFL has, for now, stood behind the kneelers (pun intended) and refused to condemn their blatant show of disrespect during almost every game.

If I was someone over at the NFL, I might want to reconsider that stance. That chorus of boos before the games was quite loud, and probably involved a good number of people in the stadium.

Many Americans are fed up with football players disrespecting the national anthem — and it might be showing up even more in the near future after DirecTV announced Tuesday that it will refund the fees of any fan who wants to cancel its NFL Sunday Ticket package because of the protests.

If these players keep kneeling, eventually fans are just going to stop coming to the games all together, undoubtedly hurting the NFL’s bottom line.

The NFL cameras then might have to work overtime trying to hide the even emptier stadiums.

There is a time and place to make political arguments, but the beginning of a sports game is not one of them. People go to sports to avoid politics, not to be slapped in the face with it.

The NFL really needs to think about which the are more concerned about — letting its player thow a temper tantrum, or continuing to be a successful business.

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