Watch: MSNBC Reporter Unaware of Live Camera Makes Weird Move

MSNBC Reporter Unaware of Live Camera Makes Weird Move

For more than six months, Democrats have been desperately trying to convince everyone that President Donald Trump is incompetent and an illegitimate president.

After months and months of congressional hearings, interviews, leaked reports, and a slew of ridiculous accusations, some liberals appear to be losing interest in reporting anti-Trump hit pieces on a daily basis.

MSNBC political reporter Kasie Hunt had a surprising take on Thursday, when cameras caught her rolling her eyes and making a weird face while waiting for her live segment to begin.

Hunt was reporting from Capitol Hill during “MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson,” and was apparently unaware that the segment had begun when she was caught making those faces and gestures.

Jackson was asking Hunt if she had any updates on Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s comments against President Trump’s new immigration legislation.

Hunt was confused and startled by something she saw down the hall, which led to her rolling her eyes and sticking out her tongue live on camera.

Jackson tried to help Hunt out and asked her if she saw someone or something down the hall, but the reporter never responded.

“I think you’re seeing somebody maybe, in the hallway Kasie,” Jackson said. After a few seconds of silence, Jackson awkwardly laughed and said, “Maybe not” before moving on to her panel for commentary.

As funny as the evident communication breakdown was, it doesn’t change that fact that MSNBC is remains one of the most anti-Trump networks in all of cable news.

A recent Harvard University study indicated that the mainstream media covered President Trump and his administration with a “negative tone” 80 percent of the time during his first 100 days in office.

NBC, the parent company of MSNBC, covered the president with a negative tone 93 percent of the time during his first 100 days.

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