Watch: Movie Star Chris Pratt Absolutely Schools NFL on How to Treat the Flag

Watch Movie Star Chris Pratt Absolutely Schools NFL on How to Treat the Flag

Recall a video that went viral nearly two years ago of Hollywood movie star Chris Pratt and his then-2-year-old son, Jack, reciting the pledge of allegiance in front of the American flag waving outside of his home, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In light of this growing leftist trend that sees no problem with disrespecting the flag that represents our glorious nation, flaws and all, it’s wonderful to see an example of how the flag is supposed to be respected and honored.

That video, which had been intended to pay homage to our nation’s lost heroes on Memorial Day, captured hearts all across the country with its unique mixture of adorable patriotism.

Obviously, adorable and NFL protesters aren’t exactly words that usually go together, but some of those players could probably use a reminder regarding patriotism and the reverent manner in which to treat the flag.

To be sure, hardcore and devoted leftists will dismiss this video as nothing more than another dumb patriot brainwashing his child to unquestioningly pledge his allegiance to the country, an entirely wrong view that they are nevertheless free to hold in this blessed nation of liberty.

Hopefully, rational commonsense and a sense of national pride will ultimately prevail and these anthem protests will eventually become a thing of the past, with the protesters’ core concerns either being addressed constructively or the protests themselves continuing in some other form or fashion unrelated to disrespecting the flag and anthem.

That is all we ask.

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