Watch: Miami Crowd Sings “Happy Birthday” Song to Trump During Speech

Miami Crowd Sings Happy Birthday Song to Trump During Speech

President Donald Trump was treated to a special song during a speech in which he announced that the United States would be changing its policy toward Cuban travel. When the crowd broke out in music, President Trump was noticeably pleased and surprised by the song the audience decided to bless him with.

On Friday afternoon in Miami, Florida President Trump announced that he would be rolling back former President Barack Obama’s Cuba policy to restrict travel to the country for individual Americans. During the speech the crowd erupted into song singing “Happy Birthday” to the president, who just turned 71 on Wednesday.

Trump looked sincerely moved by the gesture, thanking the crowd profusely after the song concluded.

See the video below where the crowd brought a massive smile to President Trump’s face.

Trump was determined to go ahead with his decision to change the Obama-era Cuba policy, and though many liberals have criticized his move, according to CNBC Trump was quick to point out that the former policy “allowed the Castro regime to benefit from increased tourism.”

“Tourism is technically banned by the U.S. embargo, but under the Obama administration, relaxed regulations allowed Americans to visit Cuba under people-to-people travel. Trump’s policy restricts this form of travel to the island nation for individuals. Americans pursuing this type of travel would have to go in groups,” the outlet reported.

The crowd during Friday’s announcement clearly seemed to support Trump’s policy on Cuba, but one does have to wonder who started the song and how did they know everyone would join in? Truly amazing.

Even Donald Trump Jr. chimed in on the moment on Twitter saying, “Amazing speech and very cool to see the crowd in Miami sing happy birthday to @realDonaldTrump impromptu just now.”

Happy birthday, Mr. President.

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