Watch: Judge Jeanine Just Knocked Hillary into Next Week… “You Lost Because…”

Judge Jeanine Just Knocked Hillary into Next Week You Lost Because

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening statement has always been the most epic part of her Fox News show. It reminds one of the early rounds in a pre-Buster Douglas Mike Tyson fight — she absolutely obliterates her target before most of the audience is even in its seats.

Judge Jeanine managed to do it again on this weekend’s show, when she tackled Hillary Clinton’s excuses for losing the 2016 election, as enumerated in her book “What Happened.” It didn’t take long for Clinton to get knocked into next week, all courtesy of Pirro.

“Now, most people learn from their mistakes when things go wrong,” Pirro said. “They figure out why and readjust. But when you keep doing the same thing over and over and don’t learn from your mistakes, that is the textbook definition of insanity.”

“So, my title for Hillary Clinton’s new book, instead of ‘What Happened,’ is ‘Living in Denial and In Need of a Lobotomy.’”

We are, of course, assuming they haven’t gotten there yet on the last part. However, Pirro hit the mark when she stated that Clinton’s “poor me nonsense” proves she hadn’t learned a thing since November.

“You lost because people don’t like you,” Pirro said. “They don’t trust you. You’re arrogant and condescending. You call them names like ‘deplorable.’ And you have the moral core of a jellyfish.

“And you wonder why your accomplishments aren’t recognized. Your State Department lied and said there were no emails on Benghazi.”

She continued, “You out and out lied that there was no classified information on your email server, and you did it for convenience when we all know you set up a private non-secure you and your girlfriends Huma (Abedin) and Cheryl (Mills), allegedly doing State Department work, could raise money for the organized criminal end prize known as the Clinton Foundation, which was nothing more than a campaign slush fund allowing you to take money from foreign governments and live a life to which government employees are unaccustomed.”

Pirro finally said that it was time for Jeff Sessions to open a new federal investigation into Clinton’s private email server — one where the outcome wasn’t predetermined.

“Hillary should not get a free pass because she lost an election,” Pirro said. “Her reign was one of bold, brazen, in-your-face, pay-to-play corruption. It’s time to stop this psychopath from continuing her non-stop stream of lies and criminal activity.”

Hey, if Hillary Clinton refuses to learn, maybe the long arm of the law can teach her a lesson or two.

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