Watch: Jesse Watters Gives College Students a “Citizenship Test”

Jesse Watters Gives College Students a Citizenship Test

If you’re a clueless millennial and you see Fox News‘ Jesse Watters on your campus, here’s what I would advise you to do: run. Run as fast as your Bernie-loving legs will take you. Just drop that avocado toast and flat white and fly back to your dorm.

Unfortunately, some of our nation’s millennials are about as good at recognizing faces as they are at recognizing facts. Thus, they get on camera, open their mouths and remove all doubt regarding their idiocy status.

In a profoundly dispiriting clip from last year — re-aired by Watters in “commemoration” of the Fourth of July weekend — the Fox News host asked Arizona State University students basic facts about America from the U.S. citizenship exam.

Let’s just say there weren’t too many budding historians vying to be the next Eric Foner or Richard Hofstadter.

The relevant portion begins at 1:10 in the video below:

First, there was the matter of how many senators there are. Answers ranged from “seven or 12” to 50. (On the latter, the student who proffered the answer vouchsafed that “I know this.”)

The correct answer, obviously, is 114 — two for each of the 57 states that Barack Obama visited during the 2008 campaign. (Or 100 if you’re not a Democrat.)

Next was the matter of when the presidential election was held. Answers included January, March, April, August and December. To be fair, one of the students answered twice after Watters told him that his answer of March was incorrect. After being told the election took place in the fall, he tendered another suggestion: August.

And then there was the pièce de résistance: a student who insisted that America gained its independence in 1984 as opposed to 1776.

I can see how you confuse the two. After all, “1984” was the year Apple released the Macintosh. I mean, that’s kind of like the Declaration of Independence if you’re a graphic designer. And then there was that ad for it with the woman who smashed the movie screen with the hammer-thingy … pretty easy to conflate the two, right?

OK, even I can’t make it work. I can’t rightly know what to say about someone who apparently thinks we earned our independence by defeating not Merrie England but Walter Mondale.

To pass the exam to become a naturalized citizen, TheBlaze noted, one needs to answer a total of 10 questions about the nation with 60 percent accuracy. That’s traditionally a grade of D-minus — or, as Common Core refers to it it, “pretty decent, but a sign you may need to make another self-esteem class.”

Would you bet on these millennial’s ability to make that grade? That’s what I thought.

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