Watch: ISIS Thinks They’ve Got the High Ground, Then Meet Rocket Pod

Watch ISIS Thinks Theyve Got the High Ground Then Meet Rocket Pod

As you may have noticed, the thugs in the Islamic State group have a lot less territory to drive their Toyota pickup motorcades around nowadays.

Once having controlled a wide swath of the Middle East, the Bronze Age fanatics have finally been pushed out of power in their last strongholds of Raqqa and Mosul. They now exist mostly in the same way Al Qaeda does — as an itinerant, underground terrorist group that has lost most of its force as a geopolitical power.

That said, it’s still pretty fun seeing them get blown up.

The incident depicted is from over a year ago, back when the terrorist group was a much bigger threat to the region. According to Funker 530, it shows a Russian TOS-1 MLRS rocket pod system versus Islamic State thugs who thought they had the high ground on the Latakia mountain range in Syria. Spoiler alert: The caliphate didn’t acquit itself so well.

As the terrorists have learned, pickups and fanaticism are no match for advanced weaponry. It’s worth noting that the TOS-1 dates back to the Soviet era, but let’s face facts: When you’re using suicide vests and Hilux pickup trucks, pretty much anything is superior weaponry.

“Based on the chassis of the T-72 tank, the TOS-1 is no ordinary self-propelled artillery piece,” National Interest notes.

Instead, “it is primarily designed to launch massive thermobaric charges against infantry in confined spaces such as urban areas or mountainous regions. While there is no question of the effectiveness and devastating power of thermobaric or fuel-air explosives, such weapons are inherently imprecise and cause massive collateral damage if used in built-up areas.”

And that’s why running off to the mountains was a pretty stupid decision on the Islamic State group’s part. Instead of getting the high ground, what they got was a whole lot of explosives, delivered via rocket.

And it couldn’t have happened to a better group of people.

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