Watch: Instructor Just Silenced Gun Grabbers With Epic Video after LV Shooting

Watch Instructor Just Silenced Gun Grabbers With Epic Video after LV Shooting

Immediately after the tragic shooting at the country music festival in Las Vegas, liberals renewed their calls for stricter gun control measures in America.

Despite the liberal narrative that infringing on American’s Second Amendment rights will prevent mass shootings, one gun instructor made a critical point: it’s twisted, evil individuals, not guns, who commit mass shootings.

A firearms instructor named Mike Brown, also called “Instructor Mike,” uploaded a video to his Facebook page on Oct. 4 that dismantles Democrat’s flawed gun control logic.

As noted by Independent Journal Review, Brown said he was a former adjunct criminal justice professor at a college in Chicago, Illinois.

The video begins with Brown seated at a table with several firearms in front of him. Two of the weapons, he said, are semi-automatic.

“Here you have all three loaded firearms … here we go,” Brown said after loading live rounds into several of the guns.

Nothing happens.

“Maybe if we try the drill instructor approach, maybe we might get a different outcome,” Brown said, yelling at the weapons like he’s a drill instructor.

He added: “What are you waiting on?! You need to jump off your freaking … right now! You need to start killing people! Start moving! Start killing people right now! What are you waiting on?!”

Again, nothing happens because firearms alone do not carry out attacks

Brown then tries to talk to the guns in a much softer voice, where he tries to encourage the guns to start shooting.

Brown ends the video with the obvious discovery: a firearm will not fire unless it is being operated by an individual who pulls the trigger.

“Maybe, guns in and of themselves don’t kill people. Even if you fully load them up, they just don’t start just killing people. Maybe it’s the dumb*** people that we need to worry about who have the firearms in their possession,” Brown said.

He explained that whether a weapon is semi-automatic or automatic, both require physical manipulation for the weapons to begin firing bullets.

“Stop attacking tools,” Brown said. “Start focusing on people.”

Brown destroyed the latest liberal talking point: taking away guns — thereby infringing on American’s second amendment rights — will result in fewer mass shootings. What it will do is take tools out of the hands of law-abiding Americans and leave them in the hands of evil criminals.

With mainstream media outlets ramping up the liberal talking points against Americans exercising their constitutional rights to legally purchase firearms, why are Democrats not admitting that the killer legally purchased the weapons he used during the shooting?

Brown’s video exposes the faux outrage from Hollywood elitists like Jimmy Kimmel and Lena Dunham who would rather blame Republicans for the Las Vegas massacre than admit that the killer is who we should be blaming.

The video destroys the gun control argument and has those who support the Second Amendment cheering!

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H/T Independent Journal Review