Watch: Idiot Hops Rail, Then Tomb Guard Grabs Rifle

Idiot Hops Rail Then Tomb Guard Grabs Rifle

When one visitor to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier dropped what looks like a piece of trash beyond the boundary which visitors are permitted, he stupidly thought jumping the fence to retrieve it was a good idea.

One of the Tomb Sentinels of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment — “The Old Guard,” as they’re known, was right there to witness it, and the visitor likely got a little frightened by the stern warning.

As shot in a video posted to YouTube in 2007, an individual very briefly crosses the line toward the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier right in the middle of the introduction of the solemn changing of the guard.

One of the soldiers, previously standing stock-still, hoists his rifle, and quickly issues a “request” to the visitor that would likely make the toughest of men’s legs turn to jelly.

And just like that, the individual, who is only in this video for a portion of a second, disappears.

Whether the individual realized it or not, they disrespected the Tomb.

Watch: Idiot Hops Rail, Then Tomb Guard Grabs Rifle

It’s not the first time the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has been disrespected, and it won’t be the last.

Take a look at another video — this one, the soldier had to put some laughing visitors in their place.

What needs to be remembered about these encounters is that when these soldiers demand something from a visitor to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, they are not doing it on their own behalf, but out of respect for the countless men and women who lost their lives protecting our nation, whose names we will never know — all of our “unknown soldiers.”

In their precision, these men’s words are just another piece of a perfectly-molded guarding machine — we are lucky to have them.

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