Watch: Fishing Boat Captain Makes Heroic Move During Rescue

Fishing Boat Captain Makes Heroic Move During Rescue

The captain of a commercial fishing boat is being hailed as a hero after he jumped into frigid waters off the coast of Alaska to save some of his crew members — and his stunning heroic move was all caught on video.

According to the Alaska Dispatch News, the commercial fishing vessel Grayling capsized in 47-degree waters in the Kupreanof Strait near Raspberry Island, close to the western Alaskan city of Kodiak.

Dale Pruitt was the captain of a nearby boat called the Calista Marie. As he was waiting to cast his net, he noticed that “something was wrong with the Grayling” as its stern was close to sinking below the surface.

“So I went over there and asked what was going on,” Pruitt said. “And he goes, ‘I can’t get the water out.’”

The Coast Guard was called and the Calista Marie began towing the Grayling toward the shore.

“It’s about 55 miles away so we just made our way there as quickly as we possibly could basically through some of the highest points of Kodiak Island to get there,” Lt. Kevin Riley, a Coast Guard helicopter pilot at Air Station Kodiak, told KTUU-TV.

However, about halfway to shore, the ship rolled over. That sent four fishermen into the water.

“So my skiff let go of them and started picking up people,” Pruitt said.

While the skiff picked up some people, Grayling captain Christian Trosvig decided to take matters into his own hands, climbing into his boat’s own skiff to search for the men.

Between both boats, they were able to find three of the fishermen. One couldn’t immediately be found, however. After 20 minutes, the life-jacketed man’s head popped above the waves, which is when Trosvig jumped in the water and swam 50 yards in the bone-chilling water to save him.

Here’s video from the Coast Guard helicopter.

“Chris was the hero. He saved that guy’s life,” Pruitt said. “Chris swam over there, grabbed him, pulled him into the skiff and gave him CPR for probably five minutes. That revived him.”

LRiley agreed.

“That fisherman didn’t hesitate. It was incredible to see him jump into 47-degree water to save his crew,” Lt. Riley said in a release. “It is a testament to how tough those fishermen are and how far they will go to help their fellow Alaskans.”

The fisherman was transported to EMS at Kodiak Municipal Airport; there hasn’t been any update on his condition.

Heroism comes in many forms, some of them unexpected.

But by any measure, Christian Trosvig’s lifesaving actions fit the bill.

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