Watch: Expert Grabs Gumballs, Disproves Every Lib Lie on Immigration

Expert Grabs Gumballs Disproves Every Lib Lie on Immigration

When liberals defend their insistence that the United States take in an average of a million new immigrants every year, some excuse their demand by claiming they are working to combat global poverty and doing the rest of the world a great service.

More than 20 years ago, an author and journalist who became an expert on immigration policy, Roy Beck, put together a presentation disproving that liberal lie regarding their purportedly humanitarian efforts at bettering the world by bringing immigrants to America, and did so in a rather colorful and unforgettable manner.

Initially produced in 1996, later updated in 2010 by NumbersUSA, a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on economically and environmentally sustainable immigration policy, a video featured Beck utilizing gumballs to vividly display the fallacy of liberal reasoning on mass immigration and the “help” that it provides to the rest of the world.

Beck began by dropping one gumball, which represented one million people, into a glass that represented the average number of legal immigrants brought into the U.S. every year.

However, he then pulled out and set on the table several large canisters full of thousands of gumballs, which represented the roughly 5.6 billion people who live in poverty around the world, as per numbers compiled by the World Bank and United Nations, among other organizations.

Obviously, one million immigrants drawn from a pool of billions wouldn’t make much difference, but Beck then showed how insignificant that one million really is by adding about 80 more gumballs to the canisters, representing the additional new births every year to the rest of the world’s impoverished population.

Watch: Expert Grabs Gumballs, Disproves Every Lib Lie on Immigration

Even if we were to double — or even quintuple — the number of legal immigrants brought in, as some liberal politicians suggest we do, we still wouldn’t make any sort of measurable impact on the global population living in poverty.

Meanwhile, those million-plus legal immigrants per year are having an overall negative impact on America, such as on the working poor and unemployed, and in straining our natural resources and infrastructure. But those concerns matter not to liberals who believe they are making a difference on global poverty.

Thus, as you can see, the current liberal standard of mass immigration has a deleterious effect on our own economy and society while making not an iota of difference in actually combating global poverty.

A better solution would be to address the situation in the impoverished countries and regions and try to improve them, not bring a relative handful of the poor people here to America while leaving the overall plight of the rest unchanged.

Help them fix their problems over there, so they won’t feel like they have to come here.

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