Watch: Drunk Guy Loses It on Plane…Then Fed-Up Irishman Shows Up

Watch Drunk Guy Loses It on Plane Then Fed-Up Irishman Shows Up

Traveling by plane is always a unique experience. When you are crowded into tight quarters with other people, sometimes you meet people you’d rather have avoided.

Passengers on an Irish airline flight, Ryanair, got a first-hand look at what a unruly passenger looks like when a drunk 22-year-old starting raising a racket on the plane, according to a video posted on YouTube in September.

Video of the incident showed the drunk fellow arguing with what appeared to be a security official. The 22-year-old is being quite belligerent, and then a fellow passenger steps in.

The older-looking gentleman, with a dignified head of white hair, stepped up to the drunk man and quickly put him in a choke hold.

Immediately, the plane erupted in cheers as the drunk was finally subdued. Most likely, the passengers on the plane had had to listen to the drunk man for quite some time, and were more than happy to see him finally be silenced.

The security guard didn’t seem to mind the intervention too much. He probably couldn’t have used a chokehold on the passenger without getting sued or losing his job, but the older gentleman didn’t have a problem at all.

You can watch the video here:

You can hear someone yelling “citizen’s arrest!” and calling for duct tape in the background of the video.

The video showed that many people on the plane were taking pictures and/or recording the entire incident.

The caption to the video stated that the unruly passenger was then carried off the plane and given a warning by police. I bet he was also incredibly humiliated, having been taken down by someone much older than him.

Some people really can’t handle their alcohol, and this passenger was obviously one of them. Hopefully, he learns his lesson from this incident and doesn’t start drinking while on an airplane again.

Flying these days can be hazardous enough without drunks adding their own complications to things.

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