WATCH: Dr. Sebastian Gorka OBLITERATES Anderson Cooper Right To His Face

Dr Sebastian Gorka OBLITERATES Anderson Cooper Right To His Face

If you are looking for a good laugh today, then look no further. Dr. Sebastian Gorka will split your sides during his interview with Anderson Cooper.

At one point Gorka explains to Cooper, for the fifth time,”You know why the President’s description is accurate? Because there never were witches and there never was any collusion. It’s Bogus.” 

While that statement alone was very telling, Gorka went on to systematically destroy Cooper. Gorka explained that the American people were showing how they feel about CNN. The network is ranked 13th in viewing, behind Nick at Night re-runs.

He went on to point out that Tucker Carlson pulls in over 4 MILLION views, and is lucky to see 800,000. If that isn’t a sign of the change in this country, we don’t know what is.

One of the best lines out of the whole argument is a 40-second barrage where the Dr. makes a MAGA reference, followed by a reference to the Trump Train. He then proceeds to tell Cooper that his network is pathetic and only reports fake news so they can try to get ratings to please their corporate sponsors.

It’s glorious to see the look on Cooper’s face once he realizes there’s nothing he can say.

The Liberal mainstream media is falling to pieces right before our eyes, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold. Democrats have been fooling the masses for a long time.

Trump has woken up a subsection of America that has been misled, lied to, and wants to see the United States thrive.

The proof is in the attitude of the average American, the way the Left acts on a regular basis, and factors like CNN’s ratings. They can’t even pull a million viewers.

We suspect that, by the end of the year, CNN will be no more. Even if it’s still on air thanks to their corporate backers, their ratings will continue to drop. They are untrustworthy, easily debunked, and full of disliked people.

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