WATCH: Cocky Illegal Who Cast 5 Votes In 2016 Election Sentenced To 8 Years – Her Lawyers Blame Trump For “Harsh” Jail Term

WATCH Cocky Illegal Who Cast 5 Votes In 2016 Election Sentenced To 8 Years Her Lawyers Blame Trump For Harsh Jail Term

Despite the many destructive things that Obama made to this country, one of the worst that definitely ruined this state is his immigration system.

This system allowed an illegal alien to take advantage of our shattered immigration laws by illegally entering America.

And then by compounding that illegal act by voting 5 times and affection our election process.

For instance, Risa Ortega is an alien migrant who was allowed to cast her vote in five different places although she was registered to vote in Texas only. Although her license was bad and declared as non-citizen, she was still allowed to vote.

Donald Trump News reports that after the incident gone viral, Ortega was punished with 8 years of prison, a punishment that her attorney declared as too harsh. While serving her sentence she will be deported to Mexico.

The video below presents a situation that mainstream media and the progressive politicians attempt to hide and ignore, America is in a despair situation with its borders and voting system.

In 2014, there were approximately 11.1 million illegal aliens in the United States, accounting for 3.5% of the nation’s population. If 10% of these illegal immigrants fraudulently voted, there would be over 1 million illegal ballots cast within a presidential election. Perhaps that’s the real reason why the progressive politicians in the Congress refuse to acknowledge voter fraud as a real issue or refuse to accept true voter ID measures to safeguard against the illegals like Ortega within our country.

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