Watch: CNN Anchor Flubs Nat. Anthem on Live TV… Producers Panic

CNN Anchor Flubs Nat Anthem on Live TV Producers Panic

There are few things more indicative of just how un-patriotic you are than not being able to identify your own country’s national anthem, and that’s exactly what one CNN anchor did Thursday.

CNN Anchor Poppy Harlow completely flubbed her introduction of the American anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” instead calling it the French national anthem.

As reported by The Daily Caller, the music was honoring the arrival of President Donald Trump to Paris where he has traveled to meet with the new French president, Emmanuel Macron. The two reportedly shook hands, and then stood together as a band played “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Sound reasonable enough. Why on earth would Trump be greeted into another country with a different nation’s anthem? Regardless, “The Star Spangled Banner” is not what Harlow introduced.


“Let’s just listen in to the French national anthem for just a moment,” she said, royally embarrassing herself before CNN’s ever-dwindling audience. It’s a good several seconds before whispering can be heard in the background and she corrected herself, saying: “The U.S.-American national anthem — I should say.”

Gotta love that good ol’ US-American anthem. However, you may have noticed that this is not the first time CNN has goofed something big. The next page contains some of our very favorites…