Watch: BLM Protesters Find Out How Bad an Idea Blocking a Major Road Can Be

BLM Protesters Find Out How Bad an Idea Blocking a Major Road Can Be

For the past few years, one of the most common tactics of the Black Lives Matter protesters has been to block major roadways in the United States to draw attention to whatever issue they are screaming about on that particular day.

While that method of protest has certainly brought them national attention, it really hasn’t helped their cause because they end up angering many everyday Americans who might otherwise be open to at least listening to the Black Lives Matter message.

A group of protesters in Kirkwood, Missouri, learned the hard way that some people won’t just sit by while major roadways are being blocked, KMOV reported.

During a demonstration Wednesday night that was centered around the murder trial of former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley, an  SUV plowed through the crowd of protesters, making them quickly scatter to avoid being hit.

(A judge on Friday morning acquitted Stockley in the 2011 shooting death of a suspect during a chase following a drug deal.)

Unlike the Charlottesville, Virginia, terror attack, this did not appear to be an attempt to deliberately kill demonstrators because the driver was honking his horn before he drove through the crowd, giving them warning that he was coming.

“Fortunately the driver who attempted to hit protesters was blaring his horn when he decided to accelerate his vehicle. It did give people time to turn around and notice he was coming and jump out of the way,” explained Jon Ziegler who streamed the incident live.

“I think that’s the only reason somebody didn’t get seriously injured last night,” he added.

While the driver did warn the protesters with his horn, they still swore quite angrily at him and threw things at his car.

Video from hours before the incident showed what is believed to be the same SUV that ran through the crowd parked, and the driver was talking to some of the protestors.

You can watch the video here. Warning: VERY STRONG LANGUAGE.

There have been a number of drivers who have sped through crowds of protesters, not trying to kill any of them, but rather attempting to just get to wherever they needed to go to because they couldn’t afford to sit around and wait for the crowd to be dispersed.

While ramming a vehicle through a crowd of people is never a good idea, if people are frustrated and late for work because of a group of demonstrators, it’s easy to see how that might escalate into a driver doing something reckless.

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