Watch: Angry Protesters Surprise Minneapolis Mayor During Press Conference

Angry Protesters Surprise Minneapolis Mayor During Press Conference

During a press conference held Friday evening by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges to address the resignation earlier that day of police chief Janee Harteau, protesters wound up turning the tables on Hodges and demanding that she resign.

“We ask you for your prompt resignation,” a man calmly but sternly interjected as Hodges was speaking. “We don’t want you as our mayor of Minneapolis anymore. We ask you take your staff with you. We don’t want you to appoint anybody anymore. Your leadership has been very ineffective, and if you don’t remove yourself, we’re going to put somebody in place to remove you.”

“Your police force has terrorized the city enough,” he continued, eliciting claps and cheers that rapidly swelled in strength as his voice grew louder. “Your press conference is ineffective because you won’t let the people in. And you didn’t want to hear us, so you hear me now: We do not want you as our mayor of Minneapolis, and we’re asking you to resign!”

What followed was a full-blown protest, some of which was captured in the news footage below:

Their exasperation with Hodges concerned her failure to address what they believe to be rampant brutality by the city’s cops.

While anger against alleged police brutality has been brewing in Minnesota for quite awhile, especially since the shooting last summer of Philando Castile by St. Anthony officer Jeronimo Yanez, the latest shooting roughly two weeks ago by a Minneapolis officer appears to have been the final straw.

On July 15, a Somali-American officer killed Justine Damond, a 40-year-old Australian woman who had “called 911 to report a possible rape occurring outside her building in an alley,” according to The Hill.

“When officers responded, their body cameras were turned off. When Damond approached the officers’s squad car, one of the officers fired one shot at Damond, fatally wounding her.”

The fact that the woman died while reporting a crime, and that the Somali-American officer had reportedly been hired to meet a “diversity” quota, has not sat well with many, including the protesters who disrupted Mayor Hodges’s press conference Friday.

“I hear and understand people’s objections; I am willing to sit down with you and talk about the future of policing in Minneapolis,” she tried pleading with the crowd to no avail.

“Bye, Bye Betsy!” they kept chanting in unison, eventually spurring Hodges into leaving her own press conference.

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