Watch: Anchor Can’t Take the Whining, Unloads on “Immature” Dem Rep Who Hates Trump

Anchor Cant Take the Whining Unloads on Immature Dem Rep Who Hates Trump

Perhaps in an effort to reel back in out-of-control Democrats, or maybe just in an attempt to save face, a CNN anchor actually called out a Democrat member of Congress for his apparent lack of “maturity,” The Daily Caller reported.

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar was interviewing California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu on Monday when Lieu called President Donald Trump’s tweet over the weekend showing him “wrestling” with CNN’s logo “beyond inappropriate,” suggesting it promoted “violence against journalists.”

But Keilar had some different “inappropriate” behavior that she wanted to talk about, namely a shirt that Lieu had worn a few days ago during a Facebook live video in which he railed against Trump, Republicans and the health care bill while wearing a T-shirt that read “Trump/Putin ’16.”

You can watch Lieu’s video right here, which he has proudly pinned to the top of his official “Rep. Ted Lieu” Facebook page:

“I checked out your Facebook Live from last week where you talked about the health care bill, and the thing that struck me was really what you were wearing,” Keilar said. “You’re wearing a ‘Trump Putin 2016’ shirt.”

“And you’ve tweeted about the president, you’ve called him ‘dumb as a rock,’ other things that I think folks would say ‘That’s not exactly taking the high road’ and I think might fit into the category of some of the immature discourse that we’ve seen,” she continued.

“As you lob these criticisms at Donald Trump, is this the type of behavior that helps add to the maturity of discourse?” asked Keilar.

Lieu replied that he only used the “dumb as a rock” phrase because Trump had first used it, and was throwing it back at him in an effort to make him realize how “ridiculous” it sounded.

But Keilar wasn’t buying what Lieu was selling, and told him he was using the exact same excuse Trump himself uses — that he is “using someone else’s words” — before bringing the conversation back to the T-shirt Lieu wore in his Facebook video.

Lieu falsely claimed that Trump has never addressed the allegations of supposed Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and therefore felt the message conveyed by his shirt was “accurate,” and was confident in that assumption because “I’ve seen enough stories.”

“He has this very strange and bizarre relationship with Russia,” Lieu said, without providing any evidence to back up his claim.

Keilar pointedly asked, “Is there a more mature way to get that point across?” to which Lieu replied that he had many “mature” social media posts and simply used humor and satire to keep things from being “so dark.”

You can watch the back-and-forth right here:

As we have been documenting for the past several months, many Democrats have simply lost their minds following the election and inauguration of Trump, Ted Lieu being just one of them.

As CNN is also reeling from the effects of their “all Trump hate, all the time” format, at least one anchor sought to stop the spinning long enough to call out the blatant hypocrisy of this one particular Democrat.

To be sure, some of Trump’s actions from time to time are ripe for criticism, but it is awfully hypocritical for someone to decry the immature and inappropriate behavior of others while engaging in the exact same sort of behavior.

This CNN anchor had seen enough of the duplicity and called it out, as we all should.

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