Warren Claims to Be Cherokee, But the Truth is Her Real Ancestor Enforced the Trail of Tears

Warren Claims to Be Cherokee But the Truth is Her Real Ancestor Enforced the Trail of Tears

Sen. Elizabeth Warren claims that she has Cherokee heritage, but there has been no proof to support her claim.

Michael Patrick Leahy, a writer for Breitbart, published an article, noting some disturbing parts about Warren’s claim that it would be nice to revisit them seeing how she slammed President Trump for referring to her as “Pocahontas.”

Leahy said that after coming public with this claim, the senator’s “family lore” is just fiction.

Warren pointed out to an 1894 Oklahoma Territory marriage license application by her great-great-great uncle William J. Crawford which supposedly indicated that his mother, O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, Warren’s great-great-great grandmother, was Cherokee.

But, Leahy said that there was no proof that O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford was Cherokee, but quite the opposite, she was as “white” in the 1860 census

In fact, Leahy discovered something shocking about Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, Jonathan Crawford.

Crawford was a member of Tennessee Militia, who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes in the Southeastern United States and herded them into government-built stockades in what was then called Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga).  This transition of 4,000 Cherokees is now known as the Trail of Tears, which started January 1837.

Almost 125,000 Native Americans lived in the lands of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Crawford came to Florida in November 1837, and served with Major William Lauderdale’s re-formed Batallion of Tennessee Mounted Infantry Volunteer Militia for six months until the following May.

His service has been confirmed by Smith-Crawford’s 1851 pension application in Tennessee.

Neither O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, Jonathan Crawford, nor any of their seven other children, apparently ever claimed that O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford had Cherokee heritage. Leahy stated that O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford never claimed Cherokee heritage. Neither Jonathan Crawford nor any of their seven children did, either.

Sadly, Warren has.

So, apparently Warren is falsely claiming that she has Cherokee heritage, but the truth is that she is the great-great-great granddaughter of a man responsible for forcing the Native Americans out of their homes.

It is true that the Massachusetts Senator has connections to the Native Americans, but not the ones she should be proud of.

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