WaPo Reporter on Secret Video: We Have No Confidence Trump Colluded With Russia

WaPo Reporter on Secret Video We Have No Confidence Trump Colluded With Russia

Project Veritas’ attempt to lure The Washington Post into running a story about a dodgy Roy Moore accuser (who was actually an undercover reporter from Project Veritas) didn’t quite go so well, which has prompted all sorts of gloating copy from the WaPo. For once, a target of the conservative activist group didn’t fall for an undercover investigation. Take that, righties!

This is more than a little unseemly for the establishment newspaper in the nation’s capital. As Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe quipped during a speech Wednesday at Southern Methodist University, “The Washington Post seems to want a Nobel Prize for vetting a source correctly. Our work is sort of changing human nature and making people cautious.”

Well, not cautious enough, apparently. While The Post may have dodged a bullet from O’Keefe’s arsenal, the folks at the WaPo didn’t exactly escape unscathed.

While the whole Moore gambit didn’t work out, Project Veritas did get enough footage from their time with The Post to prove that democracy doesn’t die in darkness, but instead in newsrooms where confirmation bias spreads like influenza.

Take the Russia/Trump investigation. Please. </henny_youngman> The Washington Post has been hawking stories about collaboration between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin so frequently and with such breathlessness that readers would be forgiven for assuming such links had already been firmly established.

Yet, as Project Veritas discovered, Washington Post national security reporter Adam Entous thinks that the Trump-Russia connection is a “f****** black box” and a “f****** crap shoot.”

“We’ve seen a lot of flirtation, if you will, between them, but nothing that, in my opinion, would rank as actual collusion,” Entous told a Project Veritas operative in a recorded conversation. “Now that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, it just means we haven’t found it yet. Or maybe it doesn’t exist.”

Check out video from Project Veritas here (note: some harsh language):

However, not everyone at the Post felt the same way that Entous did — at least not publicly.

Melissa McCullough, director of newsroom operations, told the Project Veritas operative in the video that she thought President Donald Trump was “living on another planet.”

“Let’s just hope he doesn’t get re-elected in another three years,” McCullough said, before adding, “I shouldn’t be saying these things … because we don’t…. We’re not supposed to really talk about that kind of stuff.”

Well, no you shouldn’t have, and no you’re not supposed to, but there you go.

For all of the WaPo’s gloating that they managed to “catch” Project Veritas in action … well, that’s what they’re supposed to do. That’s why it’s called investigative journalism, and this is why they’re a newspaper and not — supposedly — a clearinghouse of liberal ideology.

Yet, a quick count I ran of stories the Post ran on Project Veritas’ failed sting numbered 23 in the past few days. Some of the titles include “Post story on failed sting is valuable journalism lesson” and “The latest conservative scam got exposed. But it’s just one piece of a much bigger fraud.”

For a paper that seems determined to run a victory lap over this whole kerfuffle, it’s not like they came out looking all that good.

You may disagree with Project Veritas’ methods or its ideological slant. I certainly find myself having qualms over their work from time to time. However, like them or not, they provide a valuable watchdog service over purportedly nonpartisan organizations — particularly in the media — that have lost the ability to effectively police, mitigate or even notice their inherent structural biases.

The headline, of course, will be the rather silly botched sting cooked up by O’Keefe and crew, which I’m sure even they will admit was a mistake. However, even with that, Project Veritas uncovered enough information that should unsettle anyone who opens The Washington Post and thinks they’re getting unbiased, agenda-free news.

It should also unsettle anyone who thinks that, after one year and millions of dollars spent, investigators are getting any closer to a phantom link between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

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