WaPo Releases Opinion Piece Asking If Fox And Friends Should Be Killed

WaPo Releases Opinion Piece Asking If Fox And Friends Should Be Killed

The liberal media is full of some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. As they constantly cry foul about anything and everything the Trump administration does, they shamelessly engage in the kind of behavior they condemn.

The latest example of this disgusting hypocrisy involves The Washington Post, which ran an op-ed titled “Kill ‘Fox and Friends’ Before It’s Too Late.”

The basic premise of the article is straightforward enough — “Fox and Friends“spreads fake news and Trump listens and repeats without bothering to fact check.

However the really objectionable part of the article is the use of the word “kill” when referring to “Fox and Friends.”

In a world where leftist radicals have gone out and committed violence against Republicans, you’d think someone over at The Washington Post would have objected to the use of the word “kill.”

There were many synonyms the writer of the op-ed could have used instead of kill. “Pull,” “cancel,” “stop,” “kick off the air” or even “end the show” would have all been acceptable words that would have had less violent connotations than “kill.”

Further, remember all that outrage when Trump tweeted the GIF of him “wrestling CNN” to the ground? The Washington Post responded with an titled “Trump Appears to Promote Violence Against CNN With Tweet.”

So posting a clearly edited GIF is promoting violence, but running an op-ed that says we must “kill ‘Fox and Friends’” is perfectly acceptable?

The scent of liberal hypocrisy is rank.

Yes, Erik Wemple, the writer of the op-ed, can use the world “kill” — that’s his First Amendment right. However, in this violence-prone era we are living in, he should have thought twice before using such loaded language.

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