WaPo Ignores Clear Evidence… Keeps up Fake, Anti-Conservative Hit Piece

WaPo Ignores Clear Evidence Keeps up Fake Anti-Conservative Hit Piece

The Washington Post was publicly called out this week by Project Veritas Founder, James O’Keefe for reporting fake news. Now, even after being confronted with clear evidence of these falsehoods, the outlet is refusing to correct the misleading report.

In an exclusive report by The Rebel, documents showing multiple communications between Washington Post writer Paul Farhi, and O’Keefe reveal that the news outlet is unwilling to issue a retraction or correct their false reporting.

In The Washington Post’s June 28 article titled, “What the latest James O’Keefe video leaves out,” Farhi attempted to point out omissions in a Project Veritas video that shows CNN producer John Bonifield making claims that CNN’s coverage of the Trump Russia collusion probe is unfounded, or as he puts it, “bulls***.”

In the video, Bonifield made statements like, “I just feel like they don’t really have it, but they want to keep digging … And so I think the president is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me. Like you have no smoking gun, you have no real proof.”

However, Farhi’s article tries in vain to delegitimize the Project Veritas video and in doing so, they decided to do what liberal media does best… run fake news. Farhi tries to undermine the video’s legitimacy by claiming it omits where Bonifield is based out of and his position at CNN.

“It never mentions that Bonifield is a producer of health and medical stories, raising questions about how relevant his views are, and how informed he is, about CNN’s political coverage. It also doesn’t disclose that he is based in Atlanta — not in Washington or New York, where most of CNN’s coverage of national affairs and politics are produced,” Farhi wrote.

Project Veritas’ official Twitter account called this out as fake news, saying, “1st Video said ‘Atlanta.’ @VanJones68 video was in Los Angeles.” The tweet added, “Typing very slowly. LA is a city. In the US. In California. You following?”

Then Project Veritas wrote that they expected a retraction from The Washington Post based on Farhi’s inaccuracies.

That’s when Farhi doubled down on his fake news:

O’Keefe then reportedly sent a letter directly to Farhi giving him one more chance to change his story, to which Farhi responded, “Sorry James. Editors have said no correction/retraction necessary on my story.”

The Washington Post has a history of running false information, especially where O’Keefe is concerned. Last year they again refused to issue a retraction after falsely alleging that O’Keefe settled in a defamation lawsuit. In the leaked emails obtained by Rebel, it shows a cease and desist letter listing the inaccuracies within another Farhi article.

That article, titled “How Breitbart Has Become a Dominant Voice in Conservative Media,” Farhi writes, “O’Keefe and Giles, though not Breitbart, were later sued for defamation by one of the ACORN employees featured in the video.”

That claim turned out again to be clearly false.

You can see the full documents online at SCRIBD.

The Washington Post should be ashamed — reporters like Farhi appear to think they can report falsehoods without consequence. He may be staring down the barrel of a lawsuit from O’Keefe if he keeps this up.

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