Want to Know Why MSM Is Silent on TN Church Shooter? Take 1 Look at His FB

Want to Know Why MSM Is Silent on TN Church Shooter Take 1 Look at His FB

Over the past few days we have heard about NFL protesters and President Donald Trump’s tweets almost non-stop. Do you know what we haven’t heard much about? The church shooting in Tennessee that would normally be feeding a cable news frenzy for days.

On Sunday morning there was a mass shooting at the Burnette Chapel Church near Nashville, Tennessee, that left one person dead and seven more wounded. Nevertheless, the mainstream media has been strangely silent about this shooting.

Usually after one of these incidents, the airwaves are filled with endless panels talking about gun control, how racist the country is, and of course how it can be blamed on Republicans and — since January — on President Donald Trump. This time, there has been almost nothing.

The reason might have something to do with the identify of the shooter. The gunman, Emanuel Kidega Samson, identifies himself on his Facebook page as a native of Khartoum in the African country of Sudan.

And since that blows away the typical mainstream media narrative of angry white men targeting minorities, the Nashville shooting is being virtually ignored.

After all, the media wouldn’t want to admit that someone allowed into this country wasn’t the picture perfect, innocent “refugee” that liberals have been claiming for years.

Especially right now, the midst of a national immigration debate, liberals don’t want Americans to see that an immigrant was responsible for a mass shooting.

The motive for the mass shooting was unclear, but it appears that Samson may have become mentally unstable.

USA Today noted that Samson actually used to attend the church whose members he attacked. Samson has been charged with murder, with more charges on the way, and is being held without bail, The Washington Times reported.

When coverage is suspiciously light like this, you really have to wonder what the media is up to. Do they not care because the shooting happened at a church? Or are they simply trying to cover up the fact that the shooter was an immigrant?

This is a classic example of the media’s liberal bias. If the shooter had been a white male, that’s all we would be talking about right now.

However, because he doesn’t fit the media’s narrative of what a mass shooter should look like, they’re turning their back on the story and trying their hardest to pretend it didn’t happen.

That’s just sickening.

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