Viral Instagram Photo Headed Toward Censorship After Muslims See What’s Really In It

Viral Instagram Photo Headed Toward Censorship After Muslims See Whats Really In It

While this photo may be perfect for Instagram, and it may make you salivate… don’t expect Muslims around the world to be rejoicing in tandem salivation with you. This photo may become a censored image if the liberal snowflakes have their way.

Introducing… the swineapple.

What’s a swineapple, you say? Well, probably the greatest food creation to hit Instagram in years. The dish consists of a hollowed out pineapple, stuffed with cooked pork and then… wait for it… wrapped with bacon.

It’s a pork lover’s dream!

However, there are many who probably won’t like to see this popular photo gracing their social media feeds, and so it is perfectly reasonable to think that an image like this could get the boot from America’s PC police.

It’s a well-known fact that Muslims don’t eat pork for religious reasons. Many a debate has been started online and in schools regarding this religious requirement, however, most people in the world — from broadly different cultures and faiths — very much love pork.

So it’s no wonder why this image is taking over social media with the popular #swineapple hashtag producing hundreds of glorious images of pineapple bacon goodness.

The censorship in America has become uncomfortably familiar. Conservatives are constantly being told to curb their beliefs because they are not “tolerant” enough. Pastors at churches who preach the word of God are being targeted by groups who feel that their rhetoric is anti-Muslim.

If you type in certain search queries into Google, you’ll be surprised that Google does not play along with a belief that ISIS is a terrorist organization. Don’t be surprised if some similar censorship attempt is launched over images of the swineapple on social media.

I say we keep the bacon-wrapped pineapple, and leave the political correctness off the menu. Excessive PC talk is just not as appetizing as being an individual — with individual tastes, beliefs, experience and, most of all, freedom.

I mean… this is America right? That’s what our Founder fought for. It’s what we fight for today. So it’s what we should get to enjoy.

That, and swineapple.

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