Viral Cartoon Shows Exactly How Police Should Deal With Antifa

Viral Cartoon Shows Exactly How Police Should Deal With Antifa

Over the past few years, America has witnessed countless protests involving the so-called “antifa” thugs and/or the Black Lives Matter movement that ended with a violent clash between rioters and police officers.

From Ferguson, Missouri, to Baltimore, Berkeley, California, to Boston to St. Louis, and many parts in between, an untold number of police officers have been injured in these clashes. Unfortunately, the tensions that led to the violence don’t appear to be letting up any time soon.

While the police certainly have their tried-and-true tactics that can be employed to bring about an end to these violent confrontations when they happen — if given the order by their superiors — there are always those on the lookout for a new method that could work to diffuse a situation without anyone getting hurt.

The following cartoon found on Reddit hilariously revealed one particular new tactic that just might do the trick in bringing an end to physical confrontations between police and the likes of antifa or BLM, and it is a rather patriotic tactic that uses the protesters’ own beliefs against them.

As can be seen in the comic, the two officers were surrounded by violent armed rioters ready to do their worst, and the situation looked rather grim for them.

However, one of the officers held a stereo above his head and began playing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” our nation’s glorious anthem, which ended up saving them as the violent rioters all stopped what they were doing and took a knee.

You see, now that the left has decided that kneeling is the proper response when the national anthem is played, police officers could start playing the anthem over their loudspeakers whenever peaceful protests start turning into destructive riots as potential rioters take a knee by reflex.

Of course this is a joke, but one can only wonder how feasible or efficient this tactic might be if tried in real life. It would be interesting to see, no doubt, and would be absolutely hilarious if it actually worked.

One of the long-standing truths of emerging victorious in a conflict is to figure out how to use the opponents’ weaknesses against them. In this case, police would utilize the knee-jerk anti-American response to the anthem to their own advantage.

Unfortunately, the liberal mayors and their politically appointed police chiefs in the Democrat-run cities that typically play host to riots would never allow this to happen, so it will have to remain simply a funny cartoon — for now at least.

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