‘The View’ Hosts Expected Puerto Rico’s Governor to Bash Trump on Hurricane Response — Then He Drops…

The View Hosts Expected Puerto Ricos Governor to Bash Trump on Hurricane Response Then He Drops

Donald Trump may be The View hosts’ favorite topic of discussion, but they are as far from approving of his politics as any man can be. On Monday, Trump received harsh criticism about not responding accordingly to the Puerto Rico disasters in Hurricane Maria’s aftermath.

What stroke as shocking to the liberal hosts was the fact Trump tweeted about the occurrence, but didn’t bother visiting the area to inspect.

However, on Monday, it was officially confirmed Trump was planning a trip to Puerto Rico first chance he got, without causing further trouble for relief teams on site.

Of course, Joy Behar hissed Trump could have “flown over” to the country, but clearly forgot to say what happened with former President George W. Bush when he flew over Hurricane Katrina.

The View hosts spoke briefly with Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló after debating Trump’s plans for the region.

Sara Haines: Governor, this is Sara. We saw a clip of President Trump saying the White House is doing a “great job.” How do you think they’re doing in terms of response, and do you think it’s enough?

Governor Rosselló: Well, certainly here’s the two components we need to consider. Number one, the president has been in contact with me almost on a daily basis. He is aware of the devastation. I thank him for issuing emergency declarations, issuing disaster declarations verbally as the storm was hitting Puerto Rico. He has also given instructions to FEMA and other federal agencies to help Puerto Rico. That effort is ongoing, and it’s very good. It’s very effective.

Rosselló analyzed the after-effects of Hurricane Maria in depth and spoke of all relief teams on site that effortlessly helped in the past few weeks. He also mentioned the relief help he got from Capitol Hill:

There are some logistical threats that we’re facing. A lot of people in Puerto Rico that used to truck gas or food from one place to the other have not reported. The logistical transportation of the help that’s arriving to Puerto Rico is kind of becoming a bottle neck.

What we need are some human resources, which we requested, and FEMA has established the Corps of Engineers and Special Forces from the D.o.D. that are going to be coming to Puerto Rico so they can help in transportation, medical safety. They can help with fuel lines. They can help with a whole host of things. I know it’s a challenging situation.

Let me put this in this context. It’s the most devastating event in Puerto Rico. Two Category 4 or 5 hurricanes passing in the span of two weeks. The U.S. Citizens that live in Puerto Rico — the proud U.S. Citizens that live in Puerto Rico want to work, want to deal with the emergency.

We also are looking forward to special aid package from Congress. I call upon Congress to act quickly. A lot of messages of solidarity by congressmen and women. I’ve spoken to them. Our ask [sic] is to treat Puerto Rico equally. Attend to the devastation. If we do that we can avoid a humanitarian crisis in the United States and put Puerto Rico back on the path to recovery and in the long run build it stronger than ever.

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