VIDEO: People Are Finding Terrifying “Eggs” in Their Backyards… and What’s Inside Is Even Scarier

VIDEO People Are Finding Terrifying Eggs in Their Backyards and Whats Inside Is Even Scarier

The Clathrus archeri fungus doesn’t exactly sound like something to get yourself worked up about — and, in fairness, it’s probably not. However, if you see what happens to its eggs when they hatch in your backyard, you may think otherwise.

Clathrus archeri — more colloquially known as “devil’s fingers” or “octopus stinkhorn” — is a type of fungus indigenous to Australia. However, it’s been introduced to many parts of the world, including the United States, and many have been freaked out by its alien appearance.


This is what the early-stage devil’s fingers fungus looks like. So far, so normal. In fact, it looks like the old stink-mushrooms we used to stomp on in our backyards when I was a kid (until, of course, our lawn-conscious fathers came out of the house yelling and told us that’s how we spread the spores all over the lawn). So far, so normal.


This… looks considerably less normal. This is either a scene from an unreleased Ridley Scott movie about an alien egg, or what happens when you leave a supermarket-made California roll in your back seat for two or three months.

Either way, there’s nothing good that can come out of this.


And it doesn’t get any better when the thing hatches, either.


And now it’s in full attack mode.

Thankfully, the devil’s fingers fungus is about as dangerous as, well, your average Bernie Sanders supporter. The most dangerous thing it can possibly do is gross you out, kind of like Lena Dunham. And it’s shared all over the Internet, kind of like Miley Cyrus.

No wonder it’s called the “devil’s fingers.” It’s pretty much the most liberal organism on earth.

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