Video: Allie Beth Stuckey Slams Higher Education for Brainwashing Students

Video Allie Beth Stuckey Slams Higher Education for Brainwashing Students

Conservative millennial blogger Allie Beth Stuckey is getting quite a bit of attention after she uploaded a video that speaks the truth about liberals, colleges and safe spaces, and when you see her handiwork, you’ll understand why.

Stuckey hit the left with a cluster of truth bombs in the video, which points out that many of the ridiculous ideas liberals spout are coming directly from American colleges.

She pointed out how colleges have morphed from places where people were taught to think for themselves into places where students can go and crawl into a safe space when their feelings get hurt.

Safe spaces have gained enormous popularity at colleges with students who feel the need to protect themselves from opinions that differ from their own, which is not exactly a healthy way to go through life — and not much of an education.

“The are no safe spaces in real life,” Stuckey said.

You can bet those words hit a nerve.

“Colleges are becoming factories for whiny children instead of equipped adults,” she stated, adding that self-reliance has been replaced by a sense of entitlement.

She slammed universities for shoving their agenda in the faces of students who buy into the culture of political correctness and who will hopefully become lifelong Democrats.

The truth hurts, but this is a truth worth hearing.

Stuckey concluded the video by imploring others her age to wake up because the future of democracy depended on it.

Take a look:

This video is excellent, and it’s hard to disagree with Stuckey about any of these points.

It’s good to know there are some millennials out there who get it and are spreading the word about the truth behind the looney left.

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