Vid: Kraft Macaroni Has Kids Listening to Disgusting Profanity to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Kraft Macaroni Has Kids Listening to Disgusting Profanity to Celebrate Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, and plenty of brands have found some way to mark the occasion. Of them all, however, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese may have found the sickest way to do it.

Or, as they might have termed it, “the sickest f***ing way to do it.”

In a truly jaw-dropping video that was apparently intended to sell the product in some bizarre way, Kraft is “celebrating” mothers who swear in front of their children. Because, hey, what parent wouldn’t buy a product from a company that thinks it’s okay to tell your kids to “move your f***ing a** and get your s*** together for soccer”?

The video, which was posted last week, featured Ph.D. and author Melissa Mohr. She’s the author of “Holy S***: A Brief History of Swearing.”

Classy stuff, and it only gets better from there — even if they did bleep out all of the vulgarity she used.

“A recent study by Kraft Mac and Cheese revealed that 74 percent of moms say they’ve sworn in front of their kids,” Mohr said. “If you’re one of the 26 percent who say they’ve never sworn in front of their kids, you’re full of s***.”

I suppose times change, but let me here point out that my parents never swore in front of me. And, lest you think I’m coming from some sort of sheltered, conservative background, let me also note that the apple fell far from the tree. Both of my parents are avowed atheists who volunteered for George McGovern before they had me.

In other words, either the survey is s*** or today’s parents are. (Hey, if it’s OK for parents, surely it’s okay for me — right, Kraft?)

Mohr does recommend substituting language like “What the frog? You’re acting like flipping goof nuggets!” instead of what she says parents are really thinking: “Calm the f*** down and get your little a** outside.”

Mohr and Kraft seem to be under the impression that most parents talk like characters in a Scorsese movie.

Here’s the profoundly dispiriting clip in full:

And, yes, I get that it’s supposed to be a joke — but so are YouTube “prank” videos, and darned if I just can’t bring myself to laugh at little kids being pushed into shelves, either.

I’m kind of curious in what universe this would be considered a celebration of good parenting. What’s even more depressing is that most parents seem to agree with this video’s worldview: As of Tuesday morning, it had garnered almost 2.5 million views and over 2,000 likes, to only about 130 dislikes on YouTube.

We need a revival of decency and parenting skills in this country. We keep on setting the bar lower and lower for raising our kids, and then we celebrate those who can’t even reach our diminished standards.

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